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September Spotlight: Top 6 Things We're Working On in Healthcare

At Productive Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of innovation, leveraging technology to solve complex problems and elevate the customer experience across various sectors. Here’s a deep dive into six initiatives that we’ve been working on, which spotlight how our customers are benefiting from our unique solutions.

In today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape, technology is the vanguard of change and transformation. Particularly, we're witnessing the rise of AI technologies that promise to streamline healthcare workflows, reduce the administrative burden, and, more importantly, improve patient outcomes. As part of this exciting frontier, we're proud to introduce two ground-breaking solutions - Care Advisor and NexAuth.

1. Care Advisor by P/E: Ushering in a New Era of Healthcare Efficiency

Care Advisor is an AI-driven solution developed by Productive Edge, designed to assist clinicians and administrators in their everyday tasks. It seamlessly integrates with popular healthcare platforms, offering real-time intelligent assistance to elevate productivity, enhance care coordination, and improve workflow efficiencies.

How Does Care Advisor's Generative AI Models Work?

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Google Cloud's Vertex AI and Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, Care Advisor provides a suite of Generative AI models focused on crucial healthcare workflows. These models are tailored to:

  • Prior Authorization Clinical Review: Generative AI models streamline insurance plan analysis to speed up prior authorization and reduce errors and costs.
  • Medical Coding & Explanation of Benefits: Leverage algorithms to improve medical coding accuracy and simplify billing statements, resulting in transparent billing, fewer errors, and streamlined administration.
  • Referral Management: Streamlines specialist referrals by intelligently matching patients based on medical needs, insurance, and location, handling everything from identification to appointment scheduling for seamless care and patient satisfaction.
  • Care Plan Creation & Management: Assists in the creation and management of individualized care plans, further streamlining healthcare management and coordination.

2. Streamline Prior Authorization With Our Integrated Modular Solution, NexAuth

From fragmented technologies and multiple vendor hassles to manual errors and lack of real-time patient data, many organizations struggle with their prior authorization (PA) process. Fortunately, Productive Edge developed a revolutionary integrated solution that addresses these challenges head-on and enables organizations to take control of their prior authorization process. We call it NexAuth.

With single-point accountability, we simplify the adoption-to-management journey. Built on automation, the solution cuts processing time and eases administrative load for providers and payers. Enhanced with data standardization and healthcare analytics, it's not just an upgrade; it's a transformative approach to prior authorizations.

Core Features of NexAuth, Automated Prior Authorization From P/E:

  • Integration & Data Standardization: Powered by Redox, our prior authorization suite offers a single API that connects products, providers, and payers, ensuring a harmonious flow of data and operations.
  • Automated Submission & Monitoring: Thanks to Myndshft's technology,  the platform streamlines benefits verification, error-checking, and PA request pre-filling, drastically reducing manual intervention.
  • Automated Adjudication: Auto-respond to specific PA requests and alerts and enjoy customizable bypass options—all powered by Myndshft.
  • GenAI Assisted Clinical Review: Imagine having a chatbot that quickly addresses clinicians' insurance coverage questions. This feature is integrated and powered by Productive Edge Care Advisor™.
  • Healthcare Data & Analytics by Google Cloud: Access real-time, comprehensive patient records to power analytics and AI, courtesy of Google Cloud's Healthcare offerings.

3. Charting New Horizons in Healthcare Workforce Development

If you've ever wondered what the future of healthcare could look like, take note of the incredible collaboration happening in Louisville, Kentucky. Productive Edge has teamed up with the Healthcare Workforce Innovation Coalition to redefine healthcare workforce development.

CEOc, an organization that brings together powerhouses from across the healthcare sector, recognized that healthcare jobs in the region are set to increase almost four times faster than any other sector, resulting in a need for as many as 8,500 new healthcare jobs by 2029. 

Recently, Productive Edge developed a Central Data Hub for CEOc, gathering various public and private data to inform innovations in aging and healthcare. With the Coalition, they're taking it a step further, focusing on priorities like talent recruitment, education, and even training.

By leveraging the Central Data Hub, the Coalition can dive deep into public data. Think workforce demand projections, census data, and clinical insights, among others. It’s a 360-degree view that not only identifies gaps but also brings forth sustainable solutions.

4. Delighting Patients With Personalization and Seamless Engagement

Navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare is no small feat, especially when faced with the imperative of delivering personalized, seamless experiences to consumers. The sector is riddled with legacy systems—department-specific platforms that work in silos, frustrating patients and hampering efficient data use. 

Our Modern Data and Analytics Accelerator provides a targeted solution to migrate from outdated, disconnected systems to a future-ready data foundation in just 5 weeks. This isn't mere tech replacement; it's a total alignment of your technology with organizational goals and culture, ensuring sustainable change. Once this robust data strategy is in place, functionalities like Customer 360 come alive, offering a holistic consumer view that allows for more personalized care pathways and timely interventions.

Complementing this is our Omnichannel Engagement Accelerator, which tackles the consumer experience beyond clinical settings. By optimizing every phase of the customer journey, from shopping to treatment, we reduce friction and provide a consistent, integrated experience whether online or offline.

Our recent clients, including a major healthcare provider and a multi-facility system, have improved patient satisfaction and reduced costs by optimizing the patient journey. Similarly, a non-profit health provider and an academic medical center have boosted patient satisfaction and found new growth avenues by updating customer engagement models.

5. Transforming User Experience Through Digital Growth and Innovation

The healthcare industry stands at the intersection of innovation and patient expectations. With technological advances, the focus has dramatically shifted toward unlocking better patient and member experiences, launching new products, ensuring interoperability, and promoting population health. 

But navigating this intricate maze while achieving its business objectives isn't easy. 

Our clients of distinguished organizations, like a world-renowned academic medical system known for their state-of-the-art technologies and focus on advancing medical science, seek ways to remain at the forefront of patient care and medical research. On the tech side, a healthcare IT organization providing cloud-based solutions connecting hospitals, clinics, payers, pharmacies, and patients for improved care coordination focuses on expanding cloud-based solutions to modernize healthcare delivery, while a major healthcare provider seeks to expand its high-quality, patient-centered care across their state.

Leading organizations have partnered with Productive Edge for our Digital Venture and Digital Product Accelerators. These programs help healthcare providers and payers swiftly launch and scale new products in a disruptive market. Completed in six weeks, we utilize design thinking and agile development to define, prototype, and roadmap new product ideas. Covering market research to deployment, these accelerators deliver measurable results, fostering innovation and growth and ultimately improving lives.

6. Unleashing Cloud Power for Tech Modernization

While the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, many organizations are held back by legacy systems, struggling to adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern healthcare. These challenges significantly impede innovation, requiring a compelling business case for cloud migration and application modernization. Yet, many IT leaders feel overwhelmed and unsure of where and how to initiate and fuel their digital transformative journey.

Take the example of our client, a leading healthcare provider specializing in services around immediate healthcare needs and long-term wellness objectives for seniors. They needed to overhaul their patient journey to create a seamless, efficient, and integrated experience across various services.

We partnered with the provider to implement the Cloud Migration and App Modernization Strategy Accelerator, initiating several key technology modernization projects including developing robust backend engineering, creating mobile-friendly architecture, updating existing applications, and perhaps most crucially, migrating services and data to the cloud. We also crafted a comprehensive cloud strategy to ensure scalability, security, and future growth.

The healthcare provider transformed into a services company with our cloud-centric solution, boosting operational efficiency and enhancing patient experience. 

Fueling Healthcare Transformation Through Innovative Solutions

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying ahead of the curve is no longer just an advantage—it's a necessity. Our Generative AI offerings provide a groundbreaking pathway to revolutionize the industry's approach to patient care, data utilization, and operational efficiency. By leveraging the transformative power of AI, healthcare organizations can uncover new insights, create personalized treatment plans, and automate complex processes, setting the stage for a future where medicine is more precise, personalized, and proactive.

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