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Healthcare Digital Strategy Consulting

Drive innovation, enhance agility, and elevate customer experience with intelligent foresight and cutting-edge technology.


Productive Edge empowers healthcare payers and providers to navigate uncertainty and transform disruptions into valuable opportunities. Leveraging our technology expertise and deep industry knowledge, we deliver tailored strategies that enable you to build, launch, and scale your digital initiatives effectively.

Our mission is to set you up for success by preparing you for the future of healthcare.

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A proven framework

Results-proven methodology for the long term

Take part in collaborative strategy planning—without any guesswork

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Define goals and desired outcomes

Understanding the trends and opportunities shaping your environment is crucial in today's complex healthcare landscape.

Leverage our deep industry expertise to uncover new and innovative products, services, and business models tailored to healthcare payers and providers. Establish measurable outcomes, metrics, and proof of value that align with your overall strategy and organizational goals.
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Prioritize your digital initiatives

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current digital healthcare landscape. Create significant business impact with insight-driven recommendations based on tailored digital use cases and initiatives.

Our team provides a personalized evaluation of your healthcare initiatives based on their potential value. We’ll guide you in effective goal prioritization, preparing you to advance toward your desired outcomes in the healthcare sector.
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Assess capabilities and gaps

Successful change in healthcare goes beyond technology implementation; it requires a thorough assessment of your organization's capabilities and identification of any existing gaps.

Partner with our experts for a holistic assessment of your data, analytics, systems, and technology. Gain a clear understanding of the critical enablers and obstacles impacting your digital healthcare ambitions and outcomes.
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Design a comprehensive digital roadmap

Ensure digital success in healthcare through guided enablement. Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive digital roadmap outlining the timeline, targets, and accountabilities for each program.

Leverage this roadmap to track process-specific metrics, including the value of each milestone in your digital healthcare journey. Ensure a smooth end-to-end implementation of your digital initiatives.

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Digital product accelerator

Build a prioritized roadmap of digital initiatives based on desired business outcomes and organizational alignment. Prepare an optimized operating model with knowledge of gaps and enablers across people, processes, and technology.

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