PE Food Drive and Pacific Garden Mission Recap

Throughout the month of January, Productive Edge employees competed in a friendly food drive competition in our second annual PE Hunger Games! PE coordinates this annual donation drive to help not only foster teamwork among employees outside of their normal work groups but also to give back to the local community.

PE Cares – UIC Black Tech Scholars 2018 Job Shadowing at PE

Over the past three years, Productive Edge (PE) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have collaborated in bringing professional insights and experiences to collegiates working towards technologically-focused degrees. In January 2018, students enrolled within the Black Tech Scholars program at UIC traveled to PE’s downtown Chicago office for a “job shadowing” event, continuing the annual tradition between the two organizations.

PE Cares – December 2017 Tech Workshop Recap

Productive Edge aspires to forge the future of technology industry leaders through organizing events such as hackathons, website challenges, and collegiate job shadowing sessions.

5 Ground-Breaking Sitecore 9 Features Revealed at the 2017 Sitecore Symposium

Sitecore has long remained an industry leader in content management and digital experience platforms, and it continues to live up to its reputation. Sitecore has unveiled a compelling new feature set at the 2017 Sitecore Symposium. Productive Edge Director overseeing the firm’s Sitecore practice, Will Rolloff, shares his thoughts on these updates and how they will open up new realms of possibility for Sitecore customers and users.

Productive Edge Q2 Artificial Intelligence Update

The Ai team at Productive Edge collects the most important to share with our readers. Here are our favorite announcements and discoveries from the past few months.

Sustainability Through Smart Software

The focus for sustainability has recently shifted from physical solutions to smarter software. While material solutions have facilitated sustainability efforts over the past few decades, process optimization through software has become a primary driver in sustainability.

What’s in the Works for AI Technology in 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a key pivot point for technologies surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here is a list of some of our favorite articles from Q1.

Why You Need Bayesian AI in Your Boardroom

In today's data-rich corporate environment, it’s easy to underestimate the danger of simply using your intuition and boardroom statistical tools (i.e. spreadsheets) to make strategic decisions. While there are many tools available to data scientists, Bayesian logic is a particularly helpful machine learning algorithm for estimating probability in business decision-making processes.

The Real Business Value Behind Xamarin

Only Xamarin.Forms makes it possible to quickly build high-performance, custom-designed and fully-native mobile apps with up to 100% shared code across platforms with support for iOS, Android, WatchOS, TvOS and Windows 10 (UWP)

Microsoft Tech Summit Cloud IO Demo Takeaways: Secure Score and Fast Track

Insights from the Microsoft Tech Summit in Chicago - Microsoft Cloud IO Tools, Secure Score and Fast Track

Microsoft Tech Summit 2017: What’s on the Horizon for Microsoft OneDrive

The 2017 Microsoft Tech Summit in Chicago shed light on lots of upcoming Microsoft product enhancements. In this article, we’ll focus on what’s new in OneDrive for Office 365 and how these enhancements will change the way organizations and project teams function.

Productive Edge (Virtual) Reality Check: 2016 Trends in VR, AR and MR

From Pokémon Go all the way to the futuristic upcoming Magic Leap, the platforms and technologies under the broad umbrella of “virtual reality” are some of those that are most exciting both investors and consumers. The potential here is vast, and the list below should help you catch up on a very complex and fast-moving new industry.

Xamarin: Mobilizing Blockchain

The key to putting the power of Blockchain into the hands of consumers is delivering Blockchain apps that function across devices on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows Universal. Xamarin is currently unrivaled in its ability to enable developers to deliver native apps for these platforms in half the time it would take to develop separate applications for them traditionally.

Game-Changing Innovations in Mobile Testing Automation

The definition of “mobile” as we once knew it is changing - going beyond smartphones and tablets, apps are now being incorporated into cars, wearable devices and home appliances. As mobile apps become increasingly integrated with a variety of connected devices, the process of testing these applications is becoming more complex.

7 Healthcare Technology Predictions for 2017

While almost every industry stands to be transformed by emerging technology in 2017, we believe few will feel the impact as significantly as the healthcare industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most disruptive trends we see now, as well as how to handle new technologies that may come into play this year.
apple app store cleanup

Apple is Cleaning House, is Your App at Risk?

In a move to improve quality standards, Apple has announced a purge of the App Store by removing apps that they no longer deem as up to date, or of the quality standards expected in the store. Starting in October, Apple began seeking out apps “that no longer function as intended” and those that fail to meet the current review guidelines. Find out if your app makes the cut.

Integrating Xamarin.Forms with Native Development Workflows

How Xamarin.Forms development can coexist with Android Java and iOS Objective-C & Swift development in the same teams and workflows.

Six Observations from the Distributed Health Blockchain Conference

The Distributed Health conference was a successful and thrilling convergence of business and technology visionaries with the courage to challenge the healthcare status quo. The PE Labs team at Productive Edge was proud to participate, and we look forward to continuing to identify ways to help our clients leverage blockchain technology to realize new forms of business value.

What is Docker, and How is it Solving Business Problems?

An example of a business use case for Docker, an overview of how to build Dockerized microservices, employing the use of Amazon’s Elastic Container Service (ECS), and an overview of the business benefits of using Docker

The Value of UX: Get the Right Gift for My Mom

Ultimately, the user has the final say on whether a product is good, not the company who created it; therefore, understanding who the users are, uncovering what they need, and using that information to influence the product is not just a good idea, it’s imperative to the success of your product.