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Revolutionize healthcare with AI. Care Advisor streamlines workflows, enhances patient experiences, and simplifies administrative processes.


Using Generative AI to Improve Productivity and Outcomes

Care Advisor, a software solution from Productive Edge, leverages generative AI to tackle administrative complexity in healthcare. According to research in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), this complexity leads to $265 billion in potential annual savings through simplification.

Care Advisor is designed specifically for providers and payers. The product offers a portfolio of modular generative AI models tailored to streamline workflows for clinicians, staff, customer service, patients, and more. For example, Care Advisor uses AI to optimize EHR documentation for providers and automate claims processing for payers.

By deploying Care Advisor's generative AI models across healthcare organizations, administrative processes are automated and streamlined. This reduces costs and improves efficiencies system-wide. Care Advisor's AI solutions help cut through the administrative burden facing healthcare today.


Use Case Demo:

Transforming Care Management

Our video introduces a transformative solution for case managers in healthcare. Watch as GenAI streamlines Molly's workflow, simplifying patient and member care management. This technology reduces complex system navigation, enabling case managers to focus on personalized care. Experience how we're redefining care management to be more intuitive and member-focused.

Use Case Demo:

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Experience how personalized, empathetic AI interactions transform healthcare, making patient communication more efficient and accessible. This demo highlights our innovative approach to enhancing patient experiences and involvement. Join us in shaping a smarter, more empathetic healthcare journey.

Use Case Demo:

Member Services

Follow Sarah, a newly married member, as she navigates adding her husband, Thomas, to her health insurance. This demonstration highlights the simplicity and efficiency of Care Advisor, from finding the right forms to completing the enrollment process. See how our technology transforms what can often be a complex and time-consuming task into a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Use Case Demo:

Utilization Management

In this video, meet Emily, a utilization management administrator, as she easily navigates the complexities of Medicare's Local Coverage Determination (LCD) documents. Discover how Care Advisor streamlines the review process, provides accurate real-time assistance, and enhances efficiency in decision-making. Witness the transformation in healthcare management, where time and cost efficiency are paramount.


Care Advisor Generative AI Applications

Care Advisor offers a suite of Generative AI applications tailored to critical healthcare workflows that can integrate with existing applications or act as standalone solutions. These advanced generative applications leverage Google Cloud's Vertex AI and Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service to streamline processes and enhance operations in areas including:

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Provider, Payer

Prior Authorization Clinical Review

Care Advisor utilizes generative AI to power an automated chatbot that quickly addresses clinicians' questions about insurance coverage. This reduces the time needed for prior authorizations, along with errors, appeals, and costs.

Provider, Payer

Medical Coding & Explanation of Benefits

Care Advisor's AI maximizes accuracy in medical coding while simplifying explanation of benefits statements for patients. This improves comprehension of billing details.


Referral Management

Care Advisor optimizes the referral process, from finding the right specialist to scheduling appointments. This keeps all stakeholders coordinated and informed.

Provider, Payer

Care Plan Creation & Management

The Care Advisor solution uses real-time insights and evidence-based interventions to assist with the creation of tailored care plans. This streamlines patient care and improves health outcomes.


Simplify Administration and Create Seamless Experiences

Deploying Care Advisor

Clients who adopt Care Advisor also engage the services of Productive Edge to ensure optimal customization and integration. Here is the step-by-step process:

Key use cases, goals, and ROI projections are identified, and a roadmap tailored to your business needs is created.
Data Preparation
Data preparation assistance is provided to prepare your data specifically for the chosen use cases, ensuring peak model performance.
Model Customization & Training
Your data is used to customize and train the Care Advisor AI models for your exclusive use.
Model Testing
Extensive testing validates the customized models prior to deployment.
The AI experience seamlessly integrates into your platforms and workflows, facilitating optimal user interactions.
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