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Generative AI Accelerators For Healthcare

Our accelerators harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline workflows, enhance patient experiences, and drive efficiency across various functions.

Increased demand for AI use in all facets of healthcare

As the demand for healthcare services grows, organizations must explore innovative solutions to reduce administrative burdens and optimize efficiency. Generative AI offers immense opportunities to streamline processes and enhance service delivery. By automating repetitive tasks, standardizing procedures, scaling the workforce, and improving quality and customer service, generative AI can accelerate processing times, minimize friction, and lead to substantial cost savings.


Simplify administration and create seamless experiences


Offerings at-a-glance

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Care Advisor

Revolutionize healthcare with the power of AI. Care Advisor is an innovative Generative AI solution that streamlines workflows, enhances patient experiences, and simplifies complex administrative processes.

  • Streamlined Workflows: Automate routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for your staff.
  • Enhanced Patient Experiences: Personalize patient interactions to improve satisfaction.
  • Simplified Administration: Reduce the complexity of administrative processes with AI.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Leverage AI to provide actionable insights and support clinical decisions.


Care Advisor transforms healthcare operations by streamlining workflows, enhancing patient experiences, and simplifying administrative processes, leading to improved efficiency and better care outcomes.

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Enhance prior authorization with modular AI-enabled services. NexAuth automates tasks, cuts costs, and unlocks new levels of efficiency in the prior authorization process.
  • Faster Approvals: Speed up the prior authorization process with AI-driven automation.

  • Cost Savings: Reduce administrative expenses and optimize resource use.

  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline workflows and minimize manual tasks.

  • Enhanced Compliance: Ensure accuracy and adherence to regulatory requirements.


NexAuth revolutionizes the prior authorization process by speeding up approvals, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency, ultimately improving patient access to care and operational performance.

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Generative AI applications in healthcare

  • Interactive presentation by our AI experts

  • Exploration of generative AI technologies from OpenAI and other leading providers

  • Gain insights into AI's potential to guide adoption and integration

  • Position your organization as a forward-thinking leader in the healthcare industry


Acquire a comprehensive understanding of generative AI technologies and their potential applications, enabling informed decisions for AI adoption and integration in your organization.

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AI use case workshop

  • Interactive three-hour workshop

  • Collaborate with key healthcare leaders to identify valuable AI use cases

  • Gain insights into how AI can address your organization's specific challenges

  • Develop a targeted and effective AI strategy by prioritizing and focusing on high-impact initiatives

Identify high-impact AI use cases tailored to your organization's needs and develop an effective AI strategy by prioritizing initiatives that address specific challenges.
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Three-week pilot program

  • Implement a selected use case from the workshop

  • Work with our team to develop a pilot demonstrating generative AI's potential

  • Hands-on experience to evaluate AI's effectiveness within your organization

  • Make data-driven decisions about further investment and implementation


Experience a hands-on demonstration of generative AI's potential through implementing a selected use case, empowering data-driven decisions for further investment and AI integration.

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Health plan member engagement

    • Provides support for general inquiries, including Explanation of Benefits.
    • Offers information on coverage, benefits, eligibility, and claims status.
    • Enhances member experience by providing personalized, accurate information.
    • Reduces the load on customer service teams by automating responses to common inquiries.

Key Result:

The Health Plan Member Engagement solution improves member satisfaction by providing timely, accurate information and reducing the need for direct contact with customer service teams.

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Patient engagement + marketing

    • Automates the scheduling process by matching patient needs with available slots.
    • Enhances patient experience by simplifying the appointment booking process.
    • Improves operational efficiency by reducing manual scheduling tasks.
    • Supports continued care by making it easy to schedule time with appropriate specialists.

Key Result:

The Patient Engagement & Marketing solution improves patient satisfaction and operational efficiency by automating the scheduling process and facilitating continued care.

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Benefits of harnessing generative AI in healthcare

Experience a new era of healthcare efficiency and patient satisfaction by leveraging the power of generative AI. Discover how AI-driven automation, improved patient experiences, and data-driven decision-making can revolutionize your organization.

Enhanced efficiency
Generative AI can automate various administrative tasks, such as medical documentation, appointment scheduling, and insurance claims processing. This streamlines operations, reduces human error, and saves valuable time for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on patient care.
Improved patient experience
By using AI to personalize communication, healthcare organizations can better engage patients, ensuring timely reminders and tailored messages. This leads to higher patient satisfaction, increased adherence to treatment plans, and ultimately better health outcomes.
Data-driven decision making
Generative AI can process and analyze vast amounts of data quickly, providing insights that help healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient care, resource allocation, and strategic planning. This results in more effective and targeted treatments, optimized resource utilization, and improved healthcare service delivery.

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