Digital product accelerator

Rapidly launch validated healthcare products and services with our digital product accelerator.


Focus on refinement, testing, and validation of critical healthcare challenges

In our six-week Digital Product Accelerator, our expert consultants will define your new healthcare product idea through prototyping, value-based feature prioritization, and roadmapping. We handle the heavy lifting with custom workshops, discussions, and design-focused collaboration.

Our approach to digital product development integrates modern methods and technologies. We’ll transform your concept into reality, adhering to best practices in design thinking, agile development, and lean start-up methodologies.

This fixed-cost engagement is ideal for healthcare organizations recognizing the need for change. Many of our clients have already identified specific industry or business problems with desired outcomes. Some groups have already begun defining their patient or provider journeys and are looking to answer:

  • How can we improve outcomes and support our organization’s needs?
  • Which digital initiatives are in the right stage for this fast-paced solution?
  • What opportunity does this digital initiative represent for our organization?

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Timeline at a glance

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Week 1:
Concept Alignment
We confirm vision and purpose through research and interviews, aligning with healthcare-specific business requirements. With this consensus in direction, we prepare Design Sprint activities and an agenda tailored to your organization's needs.
Week 2:
Design Sprint
Using your well-defined healthcare concept, we’ll lead workshops and activities to refine its illustration. Real-world users, such as patients or providers, will participate in validation, guiding us to your optimal digital solution.
Weeks 3–6:
Iterative Design
We’ll identify the technology and resources necessary for long-term integration and enablement in the healthcare context. Together, we will iterate, refine, and produce high-fidelity digital prototypes.

Empower Your Healthcare Innovation

Our software engineers and strategists have extensive experience in delivering breakthrough healthcare solutions. We work with you to build end-to-end experiences that deliver measurable results, focusing sharply on the needs of the people who use your services.

Our offerings include:

  • Market research
  • Concept and problem definition
  • Solution ideation and budget
  • Technology strategy
  • Development of an MVP release
  • Creation of plans to scale and sustain engagement

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