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Cloud migration and app modernization accelerator

Accelerate your Healthcare transformation with cloud migration and app modernization.


Transform healthcare with seamless cloud migration and app modernization

In the healthcare industry, transitioning to the cloud and modernizing applications is crucial for staying competitive and delivering high-quality care. Productive Edge's Cloud Migration and App Modernization Accelerator is designed to help healthcare organizations seamlessly migrate to the cloud and update their legacy systems. Our comprehensive approach ensures minimal disruption, enhanced performance, and future-proof solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and payers.



What is the Cloud Migration and App Modernization Accelerator?

P/E’s cloud migration and app modernization strategy accelerator is a 6 to 8 week fixed cost engagement that brings together your business and IT teams to apply customized P/E tools and methodologies to a portfolio of applications. The result is a rapidly defined business-value-driven migration strategy and plan comprising three distinct phases of work:


Application prioritization

App owners and IT architects use customizable surveys to score each application's cloud migration and business value. This provides the basis for prioritization, which is driven by business value. The initial prioritization uses a quadrant-based analysis to narrow the list of applications to those with high business and cloud value and few outside dependencies.

Cost-benefit analysis

The tangible and intangible benefits from cloud migration are quantified to understand technical dependencies. The TCO is determined using proven P/E tools, which compare current allocation costs to cloud subscription costs while considering cost avoidance and savings opportunities, productivity benefits, and cultural implications. The ROI and break-even point are also calculated to sequence applications within the roadmap waves.

Migration roadmap design

The migration roadmap outlines the steps and timeline for moving applications and data to the cloud. It prioritizes migration efforts based on business value, TCO, ROI, dependencies, and initial investment costs. It is a collaborative effort between the IT and business teams and should be reviewed regularly to ensure the migration is on track and the benefits of the cloud are realized.


Strategy implementation

P/E delivers a complete cloud migration and app modernization strategy and roadmap within 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the number of applications in your portfolio. The strategy is business-value-driven and includes each app's cost-benefit analysis and value quantification. P/E then accelerates the cloud journey by delivering an actionable execution plan.

Realize the benefits of cloud migration and app modernization

Improved performance
Enhance the performance and scalability of your healthcare systems with cloud-based technologies.
Cost efficiency
Reduce operational costs by migrating to a more efficient and flexible cloud infrastructure.
Enhanced security
Ensure the highest levels of data security and regulatory compliance.
Drive innovation with advanced analytics and AI capabilities integrated into your modernized applications.

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