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4 Questions to Ask When Considering Tech Services

Determining the Need For Enterprise Tech Services

How do you know if your business needs enterprise tech services? Most organizations feel ready to engage with an enterprise technology service provider when they’re facing down a transformation or realize they are falling behind in their industry: 

  • Competitors are outpacing and out-innovating
  • Start-ups have disrupted the market
  • IT department is behind where the industry has evolved
  • Infrastructure is out of date or unable to support new services or platforms

Enterprise technology is important because it drives the solutions for transforming a business. So what information will help you determine if you need enterprise technology services?

1. Where Do I Need to Transform? 

For larger businesses, especially legacy enterprises that have long dominated their industry but are facing modern challenges, your in-house technology knowledge and skills may be limited. You may not even know where to start with your digital transformation. Partnering with an enterprise technology services company can bring necessary expertise and fresh perspectives to your organization. The right partner will be able to identify where you need to transform—whether it’s infrastructure, organizational model, operations, platforms, or something else that will bring you to the next level of your business—the right enterprise technology consulting partner will help you identify gaps, goals, and how to get you there. 

2. What Should My Priorities Be? 

Identifying priorities for your business transformation will begin with data. But what if you don’t have the data to evaluate in the first place? A powerful business data and analytics strategy is the first step. Ensuring you have the right information and analysis will help inform where to pivot and how to transform. 

At Productive Edge, we’ve helped our clients operationalize next-gen technology solutions such as advanced business analytics, intelligent automation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and mobile agility that have helped reposition and modernize their businesses. These are just a few examples of enterprise technology services. Developing an enterprise roadmap, together we dive into the people, platforms, processes, and customer experience journeys to support rapid growth through technology implementation at scale. 

Your priorities may differ based on your industry or maturity. An enterprise technology solutions partner supports transformation through encouraging ideation, leveraging existing resources, and identifying gaps and opportunities. With first-hand knowledge of customer needs and an understanding of your goals and trajectory—we’ll build a roadmap to get you to the next level of business development through technology and automation. 

3. How Do I Take My Business to the Next Level?

If your IT department is having trouble transitioning to the demands of modern business technology, you may need an IT technology services company to ensure your business can not only keep up, but advance. Cloud transformation, machine learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have reinvented the ways companies leverage data, understand their customers, and increase revenue. As you enter a new phase of technology adoption to elevate your business, you’ll need help evaluating and prioritizing your options. 

Maybe you want to launch a new digital product or expand upon your current services to get ahead of your competitors. Perhaps you need to adjust to a new working model based on industry trends or consumer needs. Visualize your ideal future and set three key goals that align with that vision. For each goal, document the steps that will get you there: start generally. Prioritize the steps based on value and effort. This sounds easy, but can be challenging for businesses that aren’t used to the roadmapping process. This is where a technology consultancy with a focus on digital transformation can help. 

You’ll need to not only implement solutions to improve performance, meet demand, and exceed expectations for customers or clients—but ensure your resources are empowered to maintain and utilize the solutions. Many of our clients maintain an ongoing partnership with us beyond digital strategy roadmapping and technology services—we’re their go-to partner for tech decision-making and innovation planning. 

4. How Can Enterprise Technology Services Accelerate Business Transformation?

If keeping up with or outpacing your competitors is one of your 2022 business goals, your plan will likely start with implementing new technology, and you’ll need a partner to help get you there. Especially if you’re not used to doing this scale of transformation in-house, or just don’t have resources to support it—your technology services partner is essential. 

We’re seeing industries blending, analytics and consumer insights informing more intelligent decision-making, and legacy companies pivoting to direct-to-consumer for the first time. Technology and data are the backbone of these business trends. In addition to market research and competitor analysis, data is the most important tool to leverage when considering your next big move. What do your customers want and expect from you? How can you improve their experience and win over new consumer segments? 

Ready to take your organization to the next level? Partner with Productive Edge for all of your digital transformation needs: from cloud migrations and big data enablement, to developing the strategies and infrastructure to support a direct-to-consumer business model. 

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