Data and Artificial Intelligence
Powerful capabilities to transform your business and disrupt your industry

By leveraging modern Big Data technologies, such as Automated Machine Learning, AI is finding practical applications never before available. The accuracy, speed and efficiency with which it can be rolled out have created new opportunities for transforming your business and disrupting your industry.

Our AI Expertise

  • Automated Machine Learning
  • Azure ML + Cognitive Services
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • Python / R
  • Jupyter / AWS Sagemaker
  • Apache Spark
  • Chatbot technologies: AWS Lex / Polly, Azure Bot Service
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Engineering
Our Award-Winning Team

  • Provides actual results and real value to businesses by operationalizing AI
  • Spearheads initiatives for solving industry-specific challenges across Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Retail and more
  • Helps businesses create and execute their AI strategy
  • Leverages partnerships with leading vendors such as DataRobot, a leader in Automated Machine Learning
  • Blends and utilizes companies’ specialized skill sets, targeting specific needs and achieving results
  • Offers a distinct competitive advantage as a result of nimble and focused execution
Our Work
Increasing prescription validation accuracy and efficiency

Productive Edge has led the way in getting their team properly trained as well as pushing the boundaries of new technologies. Of all the Microsoft partners I have worked with. I feel extremely confident recommending Productive Edge to any customer looking to digitally transform their business. They have the right technology, the right talent, and especially the right people.

Our Take
Cognitive Automation
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AI Expertise
Automated Machine Learning
Achieve Scale, Speed, and Efficiency while delivering AI solutions
Azure ML + Cognitive Services
Explore APIs for Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge and Search
AWS Machine Learning
API-driven services bring intelligence to any application
Python / R
Machine Learning? We speak the language
Jupyter / AWS SageMaker
Build, train, and deploy machine learning models
Chatbot Technologies: AWS Lex / Polly, Azure Bot Service
Build, connect, deploy, and manage intelligent bots
Predictive Analytics
For Industrial IoT, and for integrating next best actions into digital experiences
Data Engineering
Data pre-processing, data cleansing, feature engineering, and data wrangling
Our Operationalizing AI Approach

The concept of ‘Operationalizing AI’ revolves around finding the real value for your organization by infusing AI in applications that drive intelligent actions. The vast majority of enterprises now use AI to scale quickly and inexpensively, and the enterprises that do not adapt are at a distinct disadvantage. Finding meaningful, and actionable, outcomes from data can be difficult and slow. Automated Machine Learning rapidly creates powerful machine learning models that can infuse AI within applications that gives your enterprise the ability to move quickly, and doesn’t require an army of data scientists.

AI application made easy
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