Intelligent Automation
Finding opportunities for process improvement and re-engineering

Intelligent Automation has harnessed technological advances to create a level of process efficiency well beyond what was possible even a few years ago. Using Machine Learning as an added component on top of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) presents opportunities not just for process improvement, but for process re-engineering.

Our Intelligent Automation Expertise

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Center of Excellence Creation
  • Automation of Web Applications using Selenium
  • Automation of Desktop Applications using AutoIT
  • Automation of Legacy Applications using Surface Automation
  • Expertise in leading platforms: UiPath, Workfusion, Automation Anywhere
  • Robotics Process Automation powered by Machine Learning
  • Human-in-the-loop processing
Our Award-Winning Team

  • Built strategic partnerships with best-of-breed platforms including Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Workfusion
  • Offers the perfect blend of skill sets including Data Architects, Machine Learning Engineers, System Architects, and more
  • Has helped Fortune 500 companies realize ROIs over 5x in a few short months
  • Expertly blends and utilizes roles to achieve impactful results
Our Work
Increasing prescription validation accuracy and efficiency

Productive Edge has led the way in getting their team properly trained as well as pushing the boundaries of new technologies. Of all the Microsoft partners I have worked with. I feel extremely confident recommending Productive Edge to any customer looking to digitally transform their business. They have the right technology, the right talent, and especially the right people.

Cognitive Automation
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Our Cognitive Automation Expertise
Strategic Assessment
Focus on understanding company's adoption, target the highest impact
Center of Excellence Creation
Leadership and centralized strategy, critical to scalability
Automate Everywhere
From modern web apps to legacy desktop apps
Robotics Process Automation powered by Machine Learning
Identify and focus on higher value opportunities first
Expertise in leading platforms
Focus on using the right tool for the job
Human-in-the-loop processing
AI and Humans integrated
Our Intelligent Automation Approach

Intelligent Automation has the capability to not only automate manual processes but to completely advance them, as well. By creating immediate direct benefits, like lower expenses and shorter time cycles, Intelligent Automation contributes to larger, enterprise-level advantages. Customers have improved interactions, and management can redirect personnel to more strategic functions.

By approaching Intelligent Automation as an overall solution, enterprises can see transformative results.

Transforming the solutions with IA
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