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What Enterprise Technology Services Are - And What They Are Not

The definition of Enterprise Technology Services has changed over the last few years to mean more than just providing technology solutions—today’s enterprise technology services consultancies are integrated partners that help clients transform their business processes and apply technology solutions to innovate within their industry and meet the dynamic demands of their customers.

Technology services companies traditionally were brought in to help businesses build software, integrate systems, or implement new technology solutions. However, in 2021, businesses need more than a single-serve solution. Modern technology services partnerships involve digital transformation in all areas of a business—ensuring operationalization and sustainability.


How Enterprise Technology Consulting Has Changed in 2021

It used to be that when an organization needed assistance in implementing new technology, they would look for a tech solutions firm with an understanding of a specific platform, service or language, such as java, .net, Azure, or Salesforce. These technology services companies would do a custom implementation or integration and then once it was set up, they would leave the business to figure out how to manage the new solution day-to-day. The business was also responsible for ensuring that their tech architecture would be robust enough to support their operation without gaps or too much overlap across separate projects and implementations.

Today’s enterprise technology services consultancies like Productive Edge have deep specialization across technologies—with teams dedicated to various languages, platforms, and technology solutions. We establish a true partnership with our clients to look at their operating model and current technology, assess options and impacts, and provide the best and most effective solutions. This holistic approach to technology services consulting not only improves outcomes and supports enterprise business transformation, but it provides a lasting relationship where the business can reach out to the experts as needed and evolve rapidly through the application of technology.

Why are Enterprise Technology Services Important?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to pivot almost constantly to keep up with the dynamic needs of the times and provide safe and trustworthy solutions to their customers and employees. Enterprise technology has enabled businesses to make these necessary changes and do so with agility. For example: direct to consumer companies that were previously exclusively or mostly through in-person retail locations needed to almost overnight allow customers to purchase online and arrange contactless pickup or delivery—services that might have been only part of their business processes before if at all. This meant changes not only to the end customer journey but to employee experience as well.

The businesses that were set up for success under these circumstances had the flexibility, on-hand expertise, and infrastructure to adjust and operationalize a digital-first operating model. Partnering with an enterprise technology services consulting firm could mean the difference between a business-saving pivot and lagging behind advancing competitors.

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