Direct to Consumer

Reimagining customer engagement and expanding revenue
Gain The Edge With Customer Data
It’s not just about revenue, it’s about generating consumer insights from valuable zero-party and first-party data. We’ll enable you to gather, analyze, and utilize customer data with the most effective tools and processes. You’ll understand your customers better, know their preferences, and how best to communicate with them.

Digital Strategy & Design

Understand how to make your direct to consumer vision a reality. Through roadmapping sessions, we’ll define the strategy necessary to get there. We’ll address operational needs and organizational structures to enable in-house supported sales logistics, ecommerce services, customer data management, and omnichannel online experiences. Strategizing the preparations is essential for your conversion to a DTC business model.
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Customer Experience

Leveraging customer insights and user research, we’ll work out the must-haves for providing the best possible customer experience. Workshopping to create a service blueprint ensures the right people, processes, and technology are in place across the business to make DTC happen. We’ll hit the ground running with a full understanding of customer needs and expectations and how to personalize experiences using real-time data streams.
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Technology Strategy

The technology experts at Productive Edge will make sure you have the right tools for D2C to plug into your existing tech ecosystem. Tech investment is critical to see returns. We’ll evaluate your enterprise architecture, operations and team structure, and platforms so that you’ll be capable of scaling with DTC.
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Marketing Technology

We’ll make sure your business is ready to handle more data, analyze it, and use it to its full potential. Enable personalization and automated triggered messaging such as abandoned carts, suggestions based on recent visits and behavior patterns, and reward loyalty with special offers customized to the individual. Establish a closer relationship with your consumers—increase brand affinity and see returns with the right marketing technology.
Applying technology at the speed of innovation has become a priority for every business. No matter your industry, you need a rock-solid digital strategy to ensure your organization keeps pace with your customers' expectations.
Implementing a Direct To Consumer Business Model
Getting direct-to-consumer off the ground starts with a D2C strategy and robust business analysis to provide proof of value. Productive Edge specializes in value-driven engagements that dig into resources, operations, technology, and data to map out successful delivery of full DTC transformation.
Partner with Productive Edge to strategize your direct-to-consumer transformation.
Direct to Consumer