Digital Strategy Accelerator
6-Weeks: Growth, innovation, and technology-led digital strategy
Accelerator Overview
PE’s Digital Strategy Accelerator is a 6-week fixed cost engagement for clients who understand the need for change, have defined desired business outcomes, and may have begun their digital transformation journey, but wonder:

Which digital initiatives, and in what sequence, to enable and achieve my objective?

What are the enablers needed? 

What value will the initiatives bring to the organization?
Through a series of short workshops and assessments, Productive Edge works with you to:
Define Digital Ambitions and Desired Outcomes
Uncover how the digital opportunity is shaping your industry and the role that technology plays

Identify the new products, experiences, services, and business models that can be enabled

Document the outcomes, key metrics, and proof of value to establish that define success
Prioritize List of Digital Initiatives
Prioritize the digital opportunities that are consistent with your business strategy based on value potential—and with your ambition and capabilities
Assess Enablers & Gap Analysis
Based on your bets, identify the key enablers and gaps in capabilities, operating models, organization, technologies, data, analytics, and systems that need to be filled to succeed
Deliver a Digital Initiative Roadmap with Digital Value
Align timelines, targets, and accountabilities for each of your initiatives

Deliver firm digital initiatives roadmap that aligns business objectives and prepares for deeper technology strategy and ROI analysis
Engagement Results
After just six weeks, the result is a prioritized roadmap of digital initiatives based on desired business outcomes, organization alignment, and an optimized operating model with knowledge of gaps and enablers across people, process, and technology needed to succeed.
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How to get started:

Know what you want and need to accomplish with digital but not sure what will get you there? Reach out for a conversation about your digital ambitions and we’ll get started.
Digital Strategy Accelerator