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Leveraging WorkFusion for RPA and Intelligent Automation

As one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors, WorkFusion makes RPA implementation an easy process. Even better, WorkFusion is one of the leading vendors for Intelligent Automation (IA). The seamless combination of RPA and IA enables organizations to achieve tangible digital transformation results.

What is WorkFusion?

WorkFusion is one of the most reliable intelligent automation vendors. They use artificial intelligence and RPA to offer automation on a massive scale. WorkFusion integrates various technologies like pre-trained bots, proprietary artificial intelligence solutions, and advanced analytics to automate a wide range of business processes.

Overall, WorkFusion can help organizations to reduce costs, improve productivity, and scale rapidly. Employees can focus on things requiring human intelligence, while software bots can take over mundane operations.

Smart Process Automation

WorkFusion enables organizations to go with process-level automation via self-learning RPA. You can manage your entire workflow with only a single platform.

By offering preloaded process templates, WorkFusion makes automation quicker for organizations. Moreover, you also have pre-built robotic, cognitive, and exceptions handling tools for accelerating and configuring custom workflows. WorkFusion RPA can automate a repetitive business process, as it easily integrates with legacy applications, such as SAP, Citrix, and Oracle. Additionally, WorkFusion RPA can enter and extract structured data from any apps, whether on-premise software or a cloud-based solution.

The built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows organizations to convert data of any language to help you add it to any process. On top of that, WorkFusion utilizes machine learning to make OCR smarter. It can learn from people and also teach them. WorkFusion’s Virtual Data Scientist (VDS) can extract and use historical and real-time data to train models for categorizing and extracting unstructured information.

VDS also helps to validate tasks, catch human errors, set balance accuracy, and route exceptions. Deploying software bots does not mean entirely relying on it. WorkFusion will help you create a robust digital workforce. It will allocate tasks either to humans or bots as per requirements.

There is a Six Sigma quality control system for ensuring protection. And preventive controls are ensuring regulatory compliance.

Finally, you get advanced operational analytics software. It will capture essential insights into your automated processes with real-time, granular analytics. As a user, you can monitor and visualize individual and end-to-end business processes.

RPA Express Pro

RPA Express Pro is a fully-featured enterprise product. It offers WorkFusion Studio with a complete set of server components. It allows you to automate sophisticated use cases, manage numerous bots, and run automation at scale.

RPA Express Starter

RPA Express Starter is a free software product that automates web, desktop, and terminal applications to accelerate your organization’s efficiency. RPA Express lets you automate legacy apps like SAP, Office, Oracle, etc., along with not-so-common applications. You can deploy bots quickly and manage them from a central location. In addition to managing bots, it also has features like business process management (BPM) and audit trails.

You get an RPA recorder to automate your desktop tasks, such as navigation, copy/paste, selecting a checkbox, etc. There is a screen scraping feature that allows you to eliminate copy/paste tasks. It is possible to simply extract displayed data from one app and then translate it to a document, which can be used by another app.

RPA Express Starter offers an opensource OCR, and it also allows you to install your own OCR license for advanced functionality. Instead of automating one silo and manually working out in another silo, you can integrate manual works (extracting data, email opening, etc.) in the same workflow. It makes the job easier for your staff.

WorkFusion Features

WorkFusion Intelligent Automation has combined powerful features in its solution to enable you to digitize and automate entire workflows. Here are some of the WorkFusion features that enable automation at scale:

Pre-Built Bots

WorkFusion makes it possible to deploy automation within a few weeks. There are specialized packaged solutions within specific industries to allow you to automate particular time-consuming tasks quickly. WorkFusion bots are trained on a wide range of documents and data. Companies also have permission to further educate the pre-built bots on custom data for deploying hyper-automation solutions.

Document Intelligence

It is not always the case that organizations will deal with structured data. WorkFusion offers intelligent bots that can understand complex documents and unstructured data for extracting, classifying, and digitizing information. The classified information helps managers make important decisions without having to go to multiple sources to organize needed data.


The embedded analytics application allows you to have a comprehensive view of your critical business and technical KPIs across bots, people, and processes. WorkFusion has worked hard to make user-interface actionable and straightforward. Business people can get the answer to essential questions without having to spend a lot of time in understanding complex terms.


There is no need for business executives to think long and hard to find processes with automation potential. The use case navigator enables you to find and evaluate methods for automation. There is also a catalog of use cases linked with specific industries to make discovery tasks more comfortable.

Automation Orchestration

Automation Orchestration enables you to manage end-to-end automation workflows from a single location. View the collaborative works of multiple bots and human workforce without having to switch through different interfaces.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio lets you develop automation workflows quickly. There are cloud and desktop tools for letting you create seamless end-to-end workflow design. It also has a feature to make bot training easier. You only need to use a drag-and-drop tool to automate processes, and there is no need to write any code. Get access to pre-packaged components and an IDE for configuring advanced cases. You can have certification programs inside of the automation studio.

Trust & Security

You don’t have to worry about data leakage or system penetration. WorkFusion protects your data with the highest security standards. You have centralized data management, role-based access control feature, data segregation tool, and other advanced security tools to ensure the safety of your data.


WorkFusion solutions easily integrate with a wide range of enterprise applications. There are pre-packaged connectors and APIs for making it possible to integrate WorkFusion with a variety of apps. By connecting WorkFusion with user management systems and external monitoring platforms, you can access vital workflows and data.


You can deploy bots and WorkFusion solutions to your on-premise or a cloud system without any manual interventions. It offers platform configuration along with isolated workflows across different business lines. Furthermore, you get pre-packaged logging and monitoring for giving your IT teams control over automated workflows.

Industries Benefiting From WorkFusion

Due to rapid advances in technology, many industries can now automate their processes through WorkFusion. Here are some of the industries that can benefit from RPA:

Banking & Financial Services

RPA for banks leads to improved customer experiences and productivity. Enabling WorkFusion Intelligent Cloud can drastically decrease costs and reduce regulatory risks. Implementing RPA bots will not only increase productivity but will also boost operational accuracy.

There are many use cases for RPA in banking and financial services. Bots can oversee anti-money laundering (AML) to improve compliance. And there are pre-built AML solutions, which make it easier for you to implement bots. Automation solutions can streamline Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and provide personalized services to customers. There are plenty of other automation use cases including mortgage, treasury, commercial banking, and others.


With WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Solution, you can put the customer first, while bringing down operational costs. The bots can perform the majority of tasks related to claims processing, bringing down claims handling times. You can cut up to 80% of manual work in the insurance industry and save a considerable sum of money. Collecting and organizing data takes a significant chunk of employees’ time, and with intelligent bots, those tasks can be completed within a few minutes. Bots are good at following rules and complying with regulations.


Efficiency and responsiveness are vital for companies within the healthcare industry, as it directly affects patients’ wellbeing. Automation in the healthcare industry enables the company to process a massive volume of structured and unstructured data quickly with unprecedented accuracy to enhance patients’ outcomes. The processing of healthcare appeals is a lot of hassle and include many manual works like collecting information, checking a patient’s history, etc. But with Intelligent Automation Cloud and OCR, companies can quickly extract and classify information from various sources and route requests into queues.

Work With a WorkFusion Partner

With WorkFusion, organizations can easily implement RPA and Intelligent Automation to take their businesses to the next level. With automation available at scale, organizations can grow their businesses and reduce costs. To make RPA projects more efficient, WorkFusion partners with a wide variety of implementation partners who can help organizations get the most out of WorkFusion.

Being a leading WorkFusion partner, Productive Edge has the expertise and experience you need to successfully implement WorkFusion. To get started on your project, contact us today

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