Intelligent Automation Workshop

A no-cost, four-hour consultation that helps you identify high-impact use cases for artificial intelligence and intelligent automation.

Increased Demand for Hyper-Automation

Organizations need to find ways to automate IT and business processes to create efficiencies across the business and optimize delivery. Intelligent automation offers an abundance of valuable opportunities. Organizations may accelerate the processing times of repetitive manual tasks, standardize processes, enhance workforce scalability, improve quality and customer service, reduce friction and achieve significant cost savings.

Workshop At-a-Glance

A free four-hour virtual workshop curated and led by expert strategists from Productive Edge. Let us help you analyze your business landscape and identify areas where automation can make a big impact. We'll guide you through the process of streamlining your operations with the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation.

What to Expect

  • Dive into an educational session on best practices for how to apply the combined power of AI and RPA.

  • Identify key business and IT goals and align teams on shared automation objectives.

  • Pinpoint a backlog of potential use cases.

  • Participate in an end-to-end walkthrough and documentation of your two top-priority AI-enabled use cases and business processes.


Turn Results Into Bottom Line Opportunities

Generate a backlog of validated use cases and recommendations for high priority automation opportunities in just one workshop. Learn how to evaluate automation platforms, calculate ROI and develop an execution plan for rapid implementation.

Improve Communication
Leverage natural language processing (NLP) capabilities of chatbots to provide quick and accurate responses to basic patient questions. Utilize Artificial Intelligence to streamline communication by conducting surveys and collecting data on patient preferences and feedback.
Reduce Costs
Lower overhead costs and increase overall profitability by implementing strategies that minimize costly disruptions to operations caused by human error, eliminate redundancy, and decrease overtime costs.
Foster Innovation
Utilize AI technology to perform deeper analysis and gain insights that enable you to make critical decisions and respond to unforeseen challenges proactively.

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5 Challenges and Solutions for Scaling Intelligent Automation Across the Enterprise

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