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Productive Edge Launches Generative AI Suite for Healthcare, Revolutionizing Administrative Operations, Care Coordination, and Patient Engagement

CHICAGO, IL — Productive Edge, a leading healthcare digital strategy consulting company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its suite of innovative Generative AI for Healthcare solutions and services. These groundbreaking offerings will reduce administrative burden, enhance care coordination, and personalize member and patient engagement for healthcare payers and providers, addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the healthcare sector.

A recent report by McKinsey & Company highlighted the potential for administrative simplification in the US healthcare system, identifying thirty interventions that could deliver up to $265 billion in annual savings. Productive Edge's healthcare Generative AI offerings align with these findings, helping their clients accelerate the deployment of solutions that reduce wasteful administrative costs.

"Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation," said Raheel Retiwalla, Chief Strategy Officer at Productive Edge. "Our new suite of solutions and services enable healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency, enable self-service patient engagement, and improve care coordination, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and significant cost savings."

Productive Edge's offerings include out-of-the-box Generative AI solutions designed to reduce the administrative burden of healthcare. In partnership with Google, Productive Edge leverages Google Cloud’s suite of Generative AI technologies to bring solutions to life. Productive Edge also offers services specifically designed to help healthcare organizations accelerate the practical adoption of Generative AI.

The company's initial set of Generative AI Solutions include:

  1. Prior Authorization Review: Automating the prior authorization process, the solution quickly summarizes policy requirements to support a prior authorization decision.
  2. Health Plan Member Engagement: Supporting general inquiries, including Explanation of Benefits creation, and providing information on coverage, benefits & eligibility. Assisting members in checking the status of their claims and explaining the details.
  3. Patient Engagement & Marketing: Automating the scheduling process by matching patient needs with available slots. Supporting continued care by making it easy to schedule time with the appropriate specialists.

Additionally, Productive Edge has developed a suite of services aimed at helping healthcare organizations understand the potential for adopting AI solutions.

Productive Edge's Generative AI Services include:

  1. Generative AI in Healthcare for Executives: A free executive briefing service that provides a comprehensive understanding of generative AI technologies and their potential applications, enabling informed decisions for AI adoption and integration in your organization.
  2. Generative AI Use Case Workshop: A free interactive workshop that helps you identify high-impact AI use cases tailored to your organization's needs and develop an effective AI strategy by prioritizing initiatives that address specific challenges.
  3. Three-Week Generative AI Pilot Program: A hands-on demonstration of generative AI's potential through the implementation of a selected use case, empowering data-driven decisions for further investment and AI integration.

"We believe that Generative AI is the future of healthcare," added Retiwalla. "Our suite of services and solutions will not only help healthcare organizations become more efficient and effective but will also improve the patient/member experience, which is at the heart of everything we do."

To learn more about Productive Edge's Generative AI for Healthcare solutions and services, contact your Client Director or reach out to schedule a chat.

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