5 Aug 2022 - Digital Strategy // By Raheel Retiwalla

[Video] What’s Behind The Digital Front Door?

Today’s health consumers expect options to engage with organizations digitally. Savvy healthcare organizations have been focused on bringing a reimagined member and patient journey to life with a digital front door at the center. Integrated digital front door experiences redefine the health consumer experience by delivering proactive engagement across digital benefits, care delivery, and wellness. 

Watch our latest video to explore the four areas to consider when prioritizing your digital front door journey and core building blocks to think about when executing your plan.

Video Transcript

Embracing digital engagement goes beyond developing a comprehensive web and mobile app. The goal of Investing in digital engagement should be to bring a reimagined member patient journey to life.

Consider the digital front door as a set of digital products and services working in concert to personalize every touchpoint of the member/patient journey. From acquisition to operational, clinical, and financial, the digital front door orchestrates the engagement across the member patient journey.

So how do you embark on your digital front door journey? Here are four practical areas to consider:

  1. Focus on engaging digitally with consumers early to understand their preferences and intent and respond with interactive and dynamic content. Investment in these digital products should be part of your digital experience platform and marketing automation technologies.
  2. Unlock friction through investment in automation bot technology and offer consumers virtual care and self-service tools across mobile, virtual agent, text, email, and web.
  3. Enhance the digital experience for various stakeholders through an integrated CRM strategy.
  4. Turn on omnichannel communications to deliver consistent information and recommendations across all digital channels.

There are core building blocks that create the foundation for successfully executing on a digital front door journey:

  • A customer 360 database that builds a consumer profile unifying zero party, first party, second party, and third party data together.
  • Your ability to generate actionable insights in the form of target segments, prescriptive and predictive analytics, and next best actions.
  • And finally, the ability to put these insights to work through an omnichannel activation hub that can orchestrate the experience across the member patient journey.

We at Productive Edge are very excited about the impact of the digital front door in healthcare. When combined with a data and analytics foundation, the digital front door will drive a long-lasting transformative impact on member patient engagement in years to come.

[Video] What’s Behind The Digital Front Door?