Technology Solutions in Healthcare

Creating & enabling capabilities to deliver end-to-end value for the health consumer

As the line between payers and providers continues to blur, healthcare leaders across the industry are reinventing their businesses with digital transformation strategy.

Refocusing the entire organization’s capabilities to deliver end-to-end value for the health consumer requires focusing on growth, evolving business models, and staying ahead with innovation and disruption. The healthcare digital transformation experts at Productive Edge have delivered transformative products and systems focused on a digital-first and patient-centric mentality.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

We partner with healthcare organizations and their leaders to reinvent and transform their businesses with digital technologies. Our combination of healthcare digital strategy and technology expertise minimizes risk and accelerates results highlighted by our track record of successfully solving tough problems in healthcare. Our agile way of work enables continuous innovation and our strategy accelerators deliver “execution ready” results.

Reimagined Health Consumer Journey

We conduct research, identify key problems and then design solutions that meet health consumer needs and wants to be guided and proactively engaged with personalized care & recommendations

Longitudinal Health Record

We design, architect, and build a single comprehensive patient record built over time and that is comprised of data resulting from events and interactions of the patient across the healthcare continuum as they happen

Medical Digital Twin

We build personalized simulation models that serve as software replicas of health consumers and are based on information from wearable devices, omics, and longitudinal health records that can be used to assess the impact of interventions and treatments on that person

Orchestration and Data Interoperability

We design and build the technology foundation that supports the orchestration and ongoing management of the Longitudinal Health Record so that actors across the care continuum can share and have access to associated insights that drive coordinated and personalized care

Automation and Clinical Workflow Integration

We automate repetitive manual tasks and integrate insights from the LHR as part of a reimagined clinical workflow

Integrated Digital Front Door Experience

We build digital front door experiences that redefine the health consumer experience by delivering proactive engagement across digital benefits, care delivery, and wellness. We have proven expertise in developing and bringing virtual care, wellness, and mobile-first experiences to market.


We work with CX and Digital Marketing leaders to deliver enterprise-wide multichannel personalized healthcare consumer experiences

Strategic Healthcare Engagements

Unlike other healthcare digital transformation and consulting firms, our strategy accelerators provide outcome-driven strategic engagements that deliver execution ready results within a fixed set of weeks:

- Digital Strategy Accelerator
- Customer Experience Accelerator
- Intelligent Automation Accelerator
- Modern Data Accelerator