Game-Changing Innovations in Mobile Testing Automation

The definition of “mobile” as we once knew it is changing - going beyond smartphones and tablets, apps are now being incorporated into cars, wearable devices and home appliances. As mobile apps become increasingly integrated with a variety of connected devices, the process of testing these applications is becoming more complex.

7 Healthcare Technology Predictions for 2017

While almost every industry stands to be transformed by emerging technology in 2017, we believe few will feel the impact as significantly as the healthcare industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most disruptive trends we see now, as well as how to handle new technologies that may come into play this year.

Voice and UX: Louis C.K. as an HTML Form

Many marketers and product designers don’t realize that adding a unique voice to software and web copy can have a significant impact on the experience of an application and the way users interact with it. I recently came across a great example of this.
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Apple is Cleaning House, is Your App at Risk?

In a move to improve quality standards, Apple has announced a purge of the App Store by removing apps that they no longer deem as up to date, or of the quality standards expected in the store. Starting in October, Apple began seeking out apps “that no longer function as intended” and those that fail to meet the current review guidelines. Find out if your app makes the cut.

Integrating Xamarin.Forms with Native Development Workflows

How Xamarin.Forms development can coexist with Android Java and iOS Objective-C & Swift development in the same teams and workflows.

Six Observations from the Distributed Health Blockchain Conference

The Distributed Health conference was a successful and thrilling convergence of business and technology visionaries with the courage to challenge the healthcare status quo. The PE Labs team at Productive Edge was proud to participate, and we look forward to continuing to identify ways to help our clients leverage blockchain technology to realize new forms of business value.

What is Docker, and How is it Solving Business Problems?

An example of a business use case for Docker, an overview of how to build Dockerized microservices, employing the use of Amazon’s Elastic Container Service (ECS), and an overview of the business benefits of using Docker

The Value of UX: Get the Right Gift for My Mom

Ultimately, the user has the final say on whether a product is good, not the company who created it; therefore, understanding who the users are, uncovering what they need, and using that information to influence the product is not just a good idea, it’s imperative to the success of your product.

Blockchain and the Enterprise

Blockchain technology has been a key focus area of the PE Lab team, and we’ve been working closely with other leaders in the space to evaluate the viability of the technology for enterprise use cases.
Lessons Learned from the Pokemon Go Launch

Lessons Learned from the Pokemon Go Launch

They got there first, and yes, it was a viral, worldwide phenomenon. But was it worth it long term? Take a journey with us as we explore the launch of Pokemon GO and discuss how you can maximize ROI on your company’s next app launch.

Is CraftCMS Right for You?

There are many CMS options available, each with their own pros and cons. Craft is a general use commercial CMS that is built with the developer in mind. If you’re looking to manage a wider variety of content than a standard blog, Craft CMS may be a good fit.
Productive Edge Named to Crain's Fast 50

What’s our Edge?

For the past two years, we were named to the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies, and we were recently also named to the Crain’s Fast Fifty as one of Chicago’s fifty fastest-growing companies. So, what is it about PE that’s making such an impact?
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Top Insights from the 2016 Google I/O Keynote

Google has raised the stakes in smart technology and virtual reality in an attempt to continue changing the way we interact with technology and with each other. Here’s a look at our team’s top takeaways from the 2016 Google I/O Conference.

User Experience & the Scientific Community

It can be difficult for those outside of the scientific community to understand the complicated inner workings of scientific experiments. This makes creating a simplified User Interface to present experimental data even more important.
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Addressing the Issue of Diversity in Tech: Overcoming Inclusion Barriers

Although this is only a starting point, we believe initiatives like this can help level the playing field for minority groups in tech. It starts with simple things, like job shadowing and hackathons, and it ends with more powerful teams that can deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Front-End Development for Sitecore

When developing HTML for a site that will be implemented in Sitecore’s cutting-edge CMS, it’s vital to develop code with extensibility, personalization and responsiveness in mind.

Addressing the Issue of Diversity in Tech

It’s no secret that gender and racial diversity are prominent issues in the tech industry. Whether it’s a selection bias or an issue of resource availability, the fact remains that the technology industry suffers from a severe lack of diversity.

Making Your Startup a Competitive Industry Player

If you own a small business or want to start your own company, you’ve probably wondered: what makes a startup grow into a competitive industry player? As a company that began as a small startup less than ten years ago, this is certainly a question we’ve dealt with.

Slack Time: the Nature of the Beast

When leveraged to the team’s advantage, slack time can be a good thing. Plan for how to deal with it when it arises in order to maintain balance within your team and project.

Agile isn’t Broken

Software developers encounter a variety of challenges throughout the course of a project. When problems arise, the existing processes are often blamed as the root cause. This is why Agile processes are often criticized. However, the reality is that Agile isn’t broken.