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Unified Retail Customer Experience: Disrupting to Gain Advantage

Nowadays, it is critical to deliver a customer-centric, unified retail experience. Because of the difficulties in accomplishing this, many multichannel retailers face a mounting crisis. This puts pressure on the pure-play e-commerce retailers and new physical retailing models. The only way to drive down costs while keeping pricing competitive is through a disruptive change. And Productive Edge wants to show you how.


On top of a new, focused website that highlights the many ways retailers can disrupt the industry, Productive Edge has created an ebook that details how to use disruption to gain advantage and improve the unified retail consumer experience. 


This ebook goes in-depth about the speed and frequency of changes facing the industry, and details how a successful retailer needs to invest in properly comprehending consumer behavior in order to respond with the right technology to disrupt the status quo. 


“Change in retail is inevitable. Adapting to new behaviors is critical to staying in line with your competition,” said Matt Adams, Productive Edge’s dedicated retail Client Director. “In order to accomplish this, you need to understand the stages of how consumers approach shopping: browse, transact, acquire, and consume.” 


Through this e-book, you will learn more about what you can specifically do in each of the four stages of consumer buying to bolster your success. The goal is to transform the idea of a traditional, multichannel retailer into a digitally enabled provider of unified retail commerce. For more information, download the full ebook.


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