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Productive Edge Sponsors Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference

Productive Edge is proud to sponsor the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE 2023 conference, the pinnacle event for forward-thinking professionals in the intersection of innovation and aging. Set for September 27-28, 2023, at the Kentucky International Convention Center, OPTIMIZE promises attendees invaluable insights into pioneering care models and effective solutions spanning the complete continuum of care. Following a landmark move last year, Aging2.0, now part of the CEOc  Council (formerly Louisville Healthcare CEO Council), transitioned its base to Louisville, amplifying its network and resources. Within CEOc, encompassing 15 distinguished member companies, Aging2.0 fortifies its stance on innovating aging care and addressing crucial healthcare workforce dilemmas, seamlessly connecting innovators to crucial resources.

OPTIMIZE 2023 is set to be a nexus for senior care innovators, startups, and forward-thinking investors, all driven by a collective vision: shaping the future of senior care. This event stands out with its meticulously curated panels of cutting-edge industry voices, spotlight sessions on proven solutions, and a remarkable showcase of global innovation, making it a rich reservoir of insights and a crucible for impactful collaborations. Attendees can anticipate a dynamic agenda filled with eminent speakers, insightful panel discussions, and engaging fireside chats that delve deep into the industry's possibilities and complexities. Through its sponsorship, Productive Edge is elevating the discourse on innovation in aging, with an eye towards a future where technology meaningfully elevates the quality of life for the elderly.

“We’re incredibly passionate about harnessing the power of digital transformation to address senior care’s complex challenges. It’s an honor to be at the forefront of a movement that perfectly aligns with our mission to employ digital capabilities in elevating care outcomes and optimizing costs for our elderly,” said Raheel Retiwalla, Chief Strategy Officer at Productive Edge, who will also participate as a featured speaker at OPTIMIZE 2023, facilitating a critical roundtable on "Closing the Care Gap" within healthcare for the aging population. The discussion will showcase distinguished thought leaders from pioneering healthcare technology firms, including Avenlee, Duos, and Angry Health. This thought-provoking session will  discuss how CEOC's Central Data Hub, a comprehensive repository of public and private data, can be leveraged  to produce valuable insights including workforce demand projections, census data, claims information, workforce dynamics, education data, and community engagement data to identify and close gaps in the care continuum. Participants can expect a comprehensive dialogue replete with actionable insights and avant-garde strategies geared toward mitigating current healthcare disparities and utilizing data to enhance healthcare outcomes for seniors to enable aging in place.

CEOfirst engaged Productive Edge to design and construct its Central Data Hub, a project that consolidated a variety of data sources to fuel aging innovation pilots and associated research. Given the success of the Central Data Hub, Productive Edge will further apply its technology solutions to the Council’s priorities concerning talent recruitment, education, and training.

Moreover, Productive Edge is set to spearhead the development of digital solutions for the Council's Health Career Lab, positioning it as a beacon for nurturing, placing, and propelling the healthcare workforce of the future. 

About Productive Edge

Productive Edge is a leading healthcare-focused digital transformation consultancy and software development company that collaborates with some of the largest healthcare organizations around the world. These organizations represent payers, providers, digital health companies, and startups aiming to bring healthcare innovation to market. The company's services include digital strategy, design, engineering, and managed services. Committed to helping its clients achieve their digital transformation goals, Productive Edge is at the forefront of healthcare innovation. For more information, visit www.productiveedge.com.

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