14 Apr 2020 - Customer Experience // By Productive Edge Team

Ebook: Creating a Unified CX Vision & Strategy for the Retail Industry

Where do you begin when it comes to building a customer experience strategy for D2C in the retail industry? Sometimes starting a project is the most daunting part. There are a lot of factors and unfortunately, there isn’t a magic recipe for success. There is, however, a series of best practices that can be utilized when creating an experience vision and strategy. This eBook delivers that knowledge and promises to help you bridge the gap between aspirations and goals.

The most innovative retailers are moving beyond physical and digital into a world where they are embracing a unified retail strategy that is connecting commerce and community, online and in-store and delivering a seamless D2C experience. Retailers face an increasingly difficult challenge of continuing to provide innovative products and services while creating personalized experiences. Every transaction is an opportunity for D2C retailers to deliver a meaningful experience, a small effort that allows brands to personally connect with the consumer. In order to evaluate your organization’s customer experience maturity, you need many of the same research practices used in defining your unified experience vision. A CX strategy framework allows retailers to take a realistic look at the activities, processes, and competencies that will enable your team to deliver a customer-centric experience.

Are you ready to unify your CX vision and strategy? Learn all the steps necessary to create a path of success for your organization. This eBook provides the tools required to create a plan that will bring unity to your operations. Learn all of this and more by downloading our newest eBook. Productive Edge is a digital strategy and technology consulting firm with a focus on the retail industry. Headquartered in Chicago, we have clients all over the country and around the world. For more information about Productive Edge and our retail practice, visit retail.productiveedge.com.

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Ebook: Creating a Unified CX Vision & Strategy for the Retail Industry