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Productive Edge Collaborates With Google Cloud and Myndshft to Deliver AI Enhancements for Prior Authorization

NexAuth Poised to Reduce Inefficiencies Through AI-Enabled Prior Authorization

Chicago, IL – Productive Edge, in collaboration with Google Cloud and Myndshft, launches NexAuth, an innovative solution for healthcare payers, transforming the prior authorization process using AI and machine learning. NexAuth streamlines workflows, reduces costs, and boosts satisfaction by offering flexible, AI-driven capabilities for easy integration into existing systems, enhancing automation and efficiency in healthcare.

NexAuth addresses the burden of prior authorizations by offering a solution that combines real-time data processing, policy-driven guidance, and efficient manual reviews. Its design facilitates seamless integration into existing systems, leveraging Google Cloud's technology to improve claims operations in healthcare.

Amy Waldron, Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences Strategy & Solutions at Google Cloud, shares her enthusiasm about the partnership: “At Google Cloud, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology to transform healthcare. Our collaboration with Productive Edge on NexAuth demonstrates how leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning on processes like prior authorization reduces administrative burden, time to care, and cost. NexAuth can streamline existing workflows relatively quickly in a secure, scalable environment. The benefits add value to payers, providers, and, most importantly, patients waiting for care.”

NexAuth introduces a comprehensive, AI-powered suite to automate prior authorization, featuring:

  • Intake: Automates document processing, turning forms into structured data.
  • Case Validation: Uses algorithms to verify coverage across 2,000+ payers with high accuracy.
  • Clinical Recommendation: Supports complex cases with AI recommendations and clinical insights.
  • Clinician Review: Boosts manual reviews with AI-guided policy analysis.

NexAuth stands out with its streamlined system integration, modular versatility, and readiness for evolving healthcare challenges. It upholds interoperability standards, lays a foundation for continued growth, and excels in enhancing operational efficiency and integrating comprehensive PA platform solutions.

Ron Wince, Founder and CEO of Myndshft, comments on the initiative: “At Myndshft, our mission is to simplify and streamline the complexities of modern healthcare. Partnering with Productive Edge and Google Cloud on the NexAuth project aligns perfectly with our vision. We are setting a new benchmark in healthcare efficiency by integrating our expertise in AI and real-time data processing with NexAuth. This collaboration is not just about technological innovation; it's about making a real difference in the lives of patients and healthcare providers by optimizing the prior authorization process.”

Raheel Retiwalla, Chief Strategy Officer at Productive Edge, states, "Our partnership with Google Cloud and Myndshft is more than technological innovation; it's a step towards transforming healthcare. NexAuth leverages our expertise to address challenges in the healthcare system, integrating Google Cloud's AI with Myndshft's data processing to significantly improve efficiency and patient care."

Join Productive Edge and Google Cloud on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at 1 pm Eastern to learn how NexAuth can revolutionize your organization's prior authorization (PA) process. Register here to participate in the event.

About Productive Edge

Productive Edge is a healthcare-focused digital transformation consultancy that collaborates with some of the largest healthcare organizations. Committed to helping its clients achieve their digital transformation goals, Productive Edge is at the forefront of solving healthcare's most pressing data challenges.

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About Myndshft

Myndshft software-as-a-service automates and simplifies time-consuming tasks associated with prior authorization, eligibility and benefits verification, and patient financial responsibility, reducing barriers in patients’ healthcare journeys and freeing providers and payers to concentrate more fully on patient care. Myndshft works with leading healthcare providers, payers, and health information exchanges.

For more information, visit www.myndshft.com

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