15 Jul 2022 - Updates // By Natalie Wright

Introducing the Productive Edge Donation Matching Program

Our goal as a company is to make a positive impact on the world around us. An extension of this goal is the employee-led PE Cares program, through which we aim to give back to the community by contributing our time and resources. This month PE Cares announced a new way to expand our philanthropic footprint, the Productive Edge Donation Matching Program!

Productive Edge Donation Matching Program

Colleague donations made to any nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations will be eligible for a company match with the new Productive Edge Donation Matching Program. The goal of the program is to make individual employee donations go further for the causes that are most important to them!

Productive Edge will match employee charitable contributions at a 1:1 ratio, beginning July 1st with a yearly company matching cap of $10,000. All full-time, US-based Productive Edge employees are eligible to participate and there is no cap on individual employee contributions.  

The new donation matching program stemmed from direct feedback provided by PE colleagues. Each year the PE Cares team distributes a survey to collect feedback and suggestions. The idea of donation matching has been brought to the table by several PE employees over the last couple of years. In direct response to employee feedback, our PE Cares leaders worked closely with company leadership to bring a donation matching program to life.

The PE Cares Impact

When asked about the impact of PE Cares and the impact of the new matching program PE Cares co-leader Colleen Russell said, “There’re so many organizations in our neighborhood (in the Chicago area) and so many neighbors that could use a helping hand. It’s great we’ve (PE Cares) received so much support from leadership with different initiatives across the board including in person events. Now that we have the donation matching program it’s really exciting to take this a step further and allow our colleagues to personalize the organizations they’re donating to and further receive support from leadership and PE as a whole.”

PE Cares aims to bring colleagues together to help the communities around us. Typically PE Cares hosts one in person or virtual event a month in the Chicago area—near our corporate headquarters. Additionally, PE Cares has several community partners who we co-host events with, volunteer for, and donate to including TechGirlz, Lincoln Park Conservancy, UIC Black Tech Scholars, and the Anti-Cruelty Society. 

As our workforce is becoming more remote with more PE colleagues residing outside of the Chicago area, the donation matching program empowers these colleagues to support causes in their communities as well. 

PE Cares co-leader Nicole Jostes shared similar thoughts to Colleen on the impact of the program. “PE Cares creates opportunities for colleagues to give back each month, but we don’t always know what causes matter most to each individual,” she said. “The donation matching program provides each individual colleague more opportunities to give back to the causes that mean the most to them while expanding the PE Cares philanthropic footprint across the globe.” 

We are so excited to launch this program and cannot wait to see the impact our organization and individual colleagues will have on the communities around us. 

We currently have several philanthropic partners, but we are always looking for more! Do you know of a worthy cause in the Chicago area and beyond? Contact us and let us know.

Introducing the Productive Edge Donation Matching Program