9 Apr 2020 - Customer Experience // By Scott Pandel

Ebook: Organizational Change can Lead the Way to Digital Transformation

The retail industry is filled with many moving parts. Much like a clock, these parts sing in harmony when properly aligned. Your organization is no different. And like the clock, it is possible that you need to examine the structure and organization of all the moving pieces. How does one do this correctly and successfully? By aligning your D2C operating model to your digital strategy in order to create transformative opportunities for your organization from the ground up. This eBook will lead and guide you on your way to enabling organizational change.

Start by taking stock of the current state. This includes evaluating historical data, conducting stakeholder interviews, and creating a journey map. From there, you want to align on the desired future state of your organization. This is important to conduct an alignment workshop with the information gathered from your current state in order to best define your future state. With the information pulled from the workshop, you’ll identify the best path forward and create a prioritized roadmap and communications plan for your future-state D2C operating model.

Are you prepared for a digital revolution? If your organization needs assistance in gathering the information necessary for change, then look no further than this eBook. It will provide you with the foundation needed to establish the necessary steps that will elevate you for success today…and tomorrow. Learn all of this and more by downloading our newest eBook. For more information about Productive Edge and our retail practice, visit retail.productiveedge.com.

Ebook: Organizational Change can Lead the Way to Digital Transformation