4 Dec 2019 - Company Updates // By Productive Edge Team

Demystifying the Roadmap to Intelligent Automation for Boston Executives

For many executives, the benefits of Intelligent Automation (IA) are undeniable, but the roadmap to achieve them is unclear. To address this, Productive Edge teamed up with DataRobot and UiPath to host an Executive Workshop focused on IA. This interactive event educated attendees on how to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Machine Learning (AML) into existing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives in order to improve productivity, enhance the consumer experience, and increase revenue and value. Executives in attendance examined specific use cases that illustrated what’s necessary to integrate IA into various functions, including finance, budgeting, and operations. Attendees gained a firm understanding of what is internally needed to implement and operationalize these technologies within their organizations. They also identified methods for assessing and articulating the practical benefits of Intelligent Automation for their businesses.
“This hands-on workshop was the perfect opportunity to bring together executives who are curious about the many ways that IA delivers a strategic advantage in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Raheel Retiwalla, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Productive Edge. “Acting as an introduction, a refresher, or as a preamble to implementation, PE was able to connect with executives to provide the framework necessary to succeed with IA.”
Attendees left the workshop with the knowledge needed to take the next steps on their journey to IA and quickly start to leverage the technology to minimize costs and maximize revenue. Productive Edge has plans to host other exciting events and to continue demonstrating the transformative power of digital technology. For more information, contact us at services@productiveedge.com.
Demystifying the Roadmap to Intelligent Automation for Boston Executives