18 Nov 2019 - Company Updates // By Productive Edge Team

Teaching Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders through Interactive Lunch & Learn

Productive Edge regularly holds Lunch & Learn events as a way of engaging different departments and educating employees on what the various teams at PE are working on, as well as showcasing up-and-coming technologies and other topics relevant to our company culture. These interactive lunch events provide more than just food, they are experiences. They present our staff with an opportunity to take a break from their work, come together as a collective team, and experience the spirit of transparency and engagement that has always been fundamental to our success.

We’re also passionate about the value of knowledge-sharing through community engagement. For our October PE Cares event, we decided to take the Lunch & Learn format and invite a group of students from Innovations High School to our office to learn about career paths in tech. Innovations High School is a local community school that fosters a culture of success in its student body by developing resilient critical thinkers in a supportive community. Their vision is to become an innovative society of learners that encourages thoughtful creative expression, social responsibility, scholastic excellence, and personal development.

The Lunch & Learn was led by individuals from different teams at PE who were united by the goal of sharing skills with the students within their various job roles. The students were mentored on creating a career path in the tech world and they were encouraged to learn several different career routes and discover the talents needed to succeed. Communication and teamwork were a big focus of the event, and students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of workplace culture through the lens of team roles and functions, as well as the critical skills required to excel professionally.

“I am so grateful to find myself in an environment that understands and embraces social responsibility, and gives our employees the latitude to pursue our passions,” said Josh Ebikwo from Productive Edge. “I believe that learning is leading, and I’m ecstatic that my colleagues and I could help these future leaders forward on their path.”

The day ended with an interactive engineering activity that involved working as a team to build a bridge out of dried spaghetti. Overall, the students gained a greater understanding of where to start their journey for a career in tech, how to sustain a path of growth, and the tools necessary to be successful along the way. If you would like to partner with PE for future collaborations and events, please connect with our team at services@productiveedge.com or 312-561-9000.




Teaching Tomorrow’s Tech Leaders through Interactive Lunch & Learn