4 Nov 2019 - Digital Strategy // By Productive Edge Team

Productive Edge Teams Up to Deliver First-Ever AI Saturday in Boston

In October, Productive Edge teamed up with Boston Business Analytics and AI to host the first-ever AI Saturday Meetup at the Microsoft Technology Center in Burlington, MA. This exciting event brought together individuals and leaders from organizations who are searching for new ways to strategically implement digital transformation. Productive Edge team members were on hand to lend expertise on the practical power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

The event, which comprised two separate educational tracks, highlighted the possible applications of AI and ML while putting a specific focus on the role AI can play in optimizing processes for any industry. Through a series of sessions and real-world demonstrations led by Productive Edge, attendees learned about Operationalizing ML Models with Microsoft Azure Cloud Databricks, Connecting Machine Learning with Data Visualization Tools, and Accelerating Machine Learning with AutoML.

Kicking off the event was a rousing keynote presentation from Raheel Retiwalla, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Productive Edge. The opening remarks provided an in-depth depiction of the current trends driving AI and the different avenues companies can pursue to successfully leverage the technology.

“With global AI revenues poised to see massive growth in excess of $36.8 billion by 2025, now is the time to invest in this technology,” said Tom Dicicco, Client Director. “There’s no question that there is a correlation between competitiveness in the digital space and applying AI across an enterprise.”

AI Saturday also featured a panel focused on careers in AI, which was moderated by Amit Rai from Microsoft and Evan Roth Productive Edge. The discussion provided insight on how to pave a successful career path in the industry. Attendees were able to network with other professionals in the community to create a career trajectory that matches their goals.

Productive Edge has plans to host other exciting events to continue demonstrating the transformative power of digital technology. For more information, contact us at services@productiveedge.com






Productive Edge Teams Up to Deliver First-Ever AI Saturday in Boston