12 Apr 2019 - Company Updates // By Productive Edge Team

2019 Hackathon with UIC Black Tech Scholars

Productive Edge is excited to have once again hosted students from the University of Illinois at Chicago Black Tech Scholars program (UIC BTS) for this year’s Hackathon. As in the past, the Hackathon provided the opportunity for a group of students to join together with the goal of building something new and improving their skills in development. The event was held in at the PE offices. Under the guidance of PE employees, students were able to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The Hackathon brought in participants from different majors and backgrounds, all who are preparing for a career in computer science..

Coming Together to Build a Mobile App

In 2019, the Hackathon was done a little differently than in the past. Still taking place over a full 24-hour period, this year’s participants created a mobile app (instead of the traditional web application). The competition featured three teams of three to four students competing against one another to produce the most functional mobile app.

“This weekend, we hosted our fourth annual UIC Black Tech Scholars Hackathon, where the students were tasked with creating a budgeting app in Android from scratch in just 24 hours. We could not be more proud of the scholars for going through this grueling challenge that gave them real-world skills and experience that just isn't taught in the classroom,” said Carmen Bertucci, Delivery Director of Edge XP at Productive Edge. “This was our most complex and difficult Hackathon to date, and the students made us proud with their effort, output, and appreciation for what they learned. Congratulations to all.”

A True Collaboration of Talent

In order to create the app, the participants utilized Java for the code, XML for creating UIs and UI elements, and then Gradle and Maven for the build engine. During the last hour of the Hackathon, the apps were judged by a panel of employees from Productive Edge. The students were able to present their work, and share what they had learned during the past 24 hours. Participants from Productive Edge included::

  • Carmen Bertucci
  • Lucas Oskorep
  • Nicole Jostes
  • Tory Fedder
  • Mona Bidasaria
  • Dmitri Larionov
  • Evan Roth
  • Brandon Dasbach
  • Michael Grandy
  • Susanna Gevorgyan
  • Denis Underwood
  • Michael Elman
  • Matt Insley
  • Will Briggs
  • Will Rolloff

We would like to thank all of our participants, as each team worked hard to build their app in the designated amount of time.  Congratulations to all of our teams.

2019 Hackathon with UIC Black Tech Scholars