5 Sep 2018 - Digital Strategy // By Productive Edge Team

Why Personalized Search Experience Matters

The new norm for the online search experience

As software technology progresses through the years, the standard for the online search experience also increases. Personalization in the search experience is important because customers want it, and it can bring enterprises a multitude of benefits.

Will Rolloff, Productive Edge's Sitecore Delivery Director, discusses some of his learnings while using Coveo for Sitecore, a machine-learning enhanced cloud platform that simplifies the personalization of search experiences.

Some of the topics covered in his latest blog include:

  • Building brand loyalty by helping visitors find what they don't know they want
  • Providing the most relevant content based on behavior, preferences and more
  • Experiencing more than just an increase in revenue from personalizing search

Read Rolloff's, full blog on his blog site, Sitecore Sundae, here. Learn how to provide the personalized experience customers now expect and utilize machine learning capabilities for customer and enterprise benefit.

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Why Personalized Search Experience Matters