10 Mar 2017 - Digital Strategy // By Productive Edge Team

Microsoft Tech Summit 2017: What's on the Horizon for Microsoft OneDrive

The 2017 Microsoft Tech Summit in Chicago shed light on lots of upcoming Microsoft product enhancements. In this article, we'll focus on what's new in OneDrive for Office 365 and how these enhancements will change the way organizations and project teams function.

The central idea behind OneDrive is that users are able to access all of their files wherever they are, on any device, online or offline. The goal is to enable rich collaboration within organizations by providing simple, seamless communication within and between organizations.

As Microsoft sees it, the primary focuses of OneDrive are to:

  • Be a complete collaboration solution
  • Deliver integrated experiences
  • Implement modern security and compliance standards

We had the opportunity to see the updated version of OneDrive.

This process is highly collaborative, seamlessly integrated and, at its core, driven by the needs of project teams. It makes it easier than ever to share information and collaborate with others. But this is just the beginning, there are lots of enhancements coming to OneDrive that will make this process even better.

Capabilities coming soon to OneDrive

Integration with Microsoft Word

OneDrive will integrate with Word to display an activity panel in Word documents that reveals the properties of the application, track changes and manage sharing permissions. This will make Microsoft Word a more collaborative platform, allowing multiple users to edit and provide feedback on documents within the Microsoft Word interface.

Upload documents to team site via Sync client

Sync allows users to synchronize their world. They can selectively sync all desired data to their system. In the new OneDrive, users can synchronize files in team sites. OneDrive Sync preview allows users to take an individual document or an entire folder and sync it with a team site. OneDrive Sync client is in preview now and will be released soon.

Richer governance through intuitive permissions and security enhancements

Permissions aren’t all that matter anymore in supporting collaboration. Now that we’re on multiple devices, in different places, in different time zones and applications, we need to change the permissions mentality. OneDrive will be integrating security enhancements to take all of these factors into account when assigning permissions to users in OneDrive.

Photo integration features make for a more integrated OneDrive experience

Photos of whiteboards, receipts, bills etc. are all made easier through OneDrive. OneDrive will allow users to capture, align and center an image. It can even recognize the text on a photo of a receipt. These features rival those boasted by apps like Evernote and may replace the use of these apps in instances where the user already uses other Microsoft products that more smoothly integrate and share data with OneDrive.


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Microsoft Tech Summit 2017: What's on the Horizon for Microsoft OneDrive