22 Jun 2011 - Digital Strategy // By Productive Edge Team

ActiveJDBC gets support for H2 database

Until recently, ActiveJDBC supported three databases: MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. However, being a true open source project, ActiveJDBC welcomes suggestions and contributions from the community. Recent collaboration with a developer Phil Suh resulted in adding support for a new database: H2. H2 is an important database because of number of reasons, such as: it is implemented in Java, meaning that installation can be done on any OS, it is also fast, super friendly, but more interestingly, it can run in the embedded mode.

Now, developers using ActiveJDBC can use H2 in a standard client/server mode, or they can also choose to run it in embedded mode.

Most development was done by Phil, and integration done by me.



ActiveJDBC gets support for H2 database