20 Aug 2010 - Digital Strategy // By Productive Edge Team

Test post using Windows Live Writer

I decided to lower the barrier to entry for blog posting by starting to use Windows Live Writer.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I know I need to do something to help me get on a schedule of updates.  So far, I am well pleased.  The editor is quite nice.  It is extendable, and allows users to submit plugins to a central site.  I downloaded a couple to test the process and can now insert a tilted image:

but the syntax highlighter I attempted to use for some C# code failed to run correctly.  The quality and usefulness of the plugins vary greatly, as with all uncontrolled, user submitted content.

I am happy with the saving of local drafts, the scheduled publishing, spell checking, WISIWYG editing, and preview mode (which shows you the entry within the skin of the blog).  You get a very nice way to manage your categories, tags, comments, etc.

Overall Grade: A+

Test post using Windows Live Writer