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Build the advanced data and analytics foundation to power your digital business with modern data and advanced analytics services.
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A Modern Data Platform that Fires on All Cylinders

In today's digital economy, it is well understood that an organization's ability to harness data drives transformation and accelerates the creation of business value.

More and more data is being produced. With it, more and more technology is being developed to enable enterprises to turn that data into a strategic advantage.

We help you build your modern data platform technologies with built-in governance, modern data management principles, self-service enablement, data monetization capabilities, and automated and actionable insights. This is the fundamental fuel for your digital business and modern data platform.

Modern Data and Analytics Platform Strategy

Setting on a path toward data modernization requires aligning business goals with iterative data platform execution using only the most modern data platform. Assessing current data maturity to pinpoint exact areas of technology investments, as well as a practical execution roadmap, are critical to ensure that the modern data platform investment supports rapid and continuous execution of digital goals.

Data Lake Setup and Execution

The enterprise Data Lake is at the heart of the modern data platfrom. It ingests a wide variety of raw data that is cleansed, curated, and then made available for a broad range of querying and analytics. The cloud and elasticity also add tremendous benefits to the Data Lake. The Data Lake needs to work with existing data infrastructure, like the Data Warehouse and Master Data, to function as part of a broader enterprise Data Estate.

Customer 360 and Personalization

Customer-centric initiatives and experiences drive the need to have a deeper understanding of customers’ wants, desires, and motivations. These insights can be leveraged to deliver differentiated and personalized experiences. This directly leads to the creation of a Customer 360 data hub that ingests a wide variety of customer data such as demographics, behavioral, third party, social, and transactional. Leveraging a modern data platform, customer analytics can be generated and segmented to power personalized experiences.

Data Governance Strategy and Execution

One of the most common challenges newly empowered employees face with their Data Lakes is the inability to find, understand, and trust the data they need for business value. This hampers their ability to gain a competitive edge. Enter Data Governance. Adopting a Data Governance framework increases productivity, efficiency, and compliance with privacy and security regulations.

DataOps Setup and Execution

DataOps optimizes code builds and delivery for data analytics. As innovation in technology enables self-service, rapid turnaround from an idea to data acquisition, conversion, and actionable insight is now possible. This lifecycle depends on people’s ability to collaborate and leverage the right tools. DataOps introduces Agile Development into data analytics so that data teams and users work together more efficiently and effectively.

Data Visualization and Automated Insights

Data Visualization tools have gone from making it easier to create charts and graphs to automatically generating insights from data, all while enabling storytelling and collaboration.
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