Augmented & Virtual Reality
Making experiences even better with technology

Virtual and Augmented reality allow the user to escape the real world and experience something completely new and fantastic. Virtual and Augmented reality bring improved customer experience, enhanced operations, and even more efficient employee training. Productive Edge has built exciting games, educational experiences, and thrilling rides using the power of these rapidly-expanding technologies

Our VR & AR Expertise

  • Warehouse-scale VR
  • Headset-free VR
  • Seated VR
  • Natural Interaction
  • Mobile Augmented Reality
Our Award-Winning Team

  • Diverse team of developers with different technology backgrounds
  • Developer experience ranging from video games and film, to 3D printing and hardware development
  • Strategy that utilizes insight into total experience: (Virtual/Digital/Physical) software, digital, analog, and physical
Our Work
Bringing hockey to life for everyday fans
Innovating the tourism industry with VR

Productive Edge has led the way in getting their team properly trained as well as pushing the boundaries of new technologies. Of all the Microsoft partners I have worked with. I feel extremely confident recommending Productive Edge to any customer looking to digitally transform their business. They have the right technology, the right talent, and especially the right people.

Our VR & AR Expertise
Warehouse-scale VR
Users play simultaneously with other players, all while moving around in a large area, allowing for shared experiences.
Headset-free VR
Technology such as projection-based “holodecks” allow users to experience total immersion without leaving friends and family behind, or handling cumbersome equipment.
Seated VR
Some users prefer sitting while experiencing virtual reality, either due to limited space, personal comfort, or the nature of the content (such as a flight simulator). Certain games and experiences are tailored for the seated experience.
Natural interaction
The ability to interact with virtual content the same way you would with the real-world is critical to complete immersion. This means reaching out to press a button with no controller, walking across a room without a joystick, or feeling the heft and texture of a baseball bat in your hands.
Mobile Augmented Reality
Mobile Augmented Reality utilizes mobile devices to deliver reality-based services and functions with a mobile phone. They use the phone’s camera, GPS, touch screen elements and other sensory and motion detectors to integrate real images, videos or scenarios within them.
Our Immersive Experience Approach

Experiential and immersive solutions revolve around the idea of bringing people into a new reality that feels as life-like as the reality in which they are living. A large number of enterprises want to utilize virtual reality and augmented reality for enhancing experiences. Enterprise utilization of these experiences requires the entire process: discovery, designing, implementation, and support, all of which Productive Edge provides.

At Productive Edge, we help enterprises enhance customer experiences with lifelike immersive technology

Using VR & AR to create immersive experiences
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