Internet of Things

Connected products, IoT services, and groundbreaking business models
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Connected Business With A Focus On Experiences

At Productive Edge, we believe IoT data enables the building of more intuitive, immersive, and empowering experiences that augment and improve people’s lives. These experiences disrupt status-quo, are analytics-driven, and change the economics of industries. Are you ready?

Connected Business Strategy

An IoT business strategy needs to begin with a clear understanding of the opportunity. Because of this, clarity on business impact, investments, and ROI is a must. Our experience brings a customer-centric method for designing the right experiences and defining the connected business strategy around them. This comes complete with program definition, technology partnerships, expected capital expenditure, and operating expenses, as well as the right operating model to support the transformed business.

Engineering Services for Internet of Things

A connected product or service requires a combination of the best hardware with the best of software. We do not view IoT as only one or the other. Our partnerships and experience working with leading engineering firms, as well as hardware and device manufacturers, allows us to combine the best available hardware with the best choice and quality of software to bring your connected business strategy to life.

Device Management

Multiple Cloud IoT platforms provide the ability to plan, register, configure, monitor, and retire devices. These foundational device management capabilities enable you to design your connected products and associated services in alignment with your desired business goals. Our deep experience with Cloud IoT platform strategy and device management capabilities will be your guide to enabling your IoT implementation strategy.

Automated Edge

Edge Computing is a topology where information processing, content collection, and content delivery are placed closer to the sources of the information. The idea is that keeping traffic local and distributed will reduce latency. This includes IoT cloud services. Empowered Edge looks at how these devices are increasing and forming the foundations for smart spaces, then moves key applications and services closer to the people and devices that utilize them.

Connectivity Management

Another core component of IoT is connectivity. Often an afterthought, connectivity has critical implications to your product, IoT service, ongoing cost management, and monetization strategy. Productive Edge has partnered with leading connectivity providers and connectivity management companies to ensure power, security, and uptime for your connected products.

Data and Analytics

The IoT services and products experience comes to life by tapping into IoT data. From stream analytics, data management, and advanced analytics, Productive Edge turns IoT data into actionable insights that power digital experiences.

Experience Development

Intelligent mobile apps, portals, and Mixed Reality are the basis for building differentiated experiences that power smart services. Customers, customer service, call center, field service agents...all audiences need to be enabled by powerful experiences. Productive Edge specializes in designing and building audience-specific intelligent IoT applications.
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