Blockchain Consulting Services

World-changing technology with the power to invent business models and disrupt industries
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At the Forefront of Blockchain Innovation

Blockchain is one of today's hottest technologies, but not all companies have been involved since its inception. Our team members were early activists in the blockchain community and remain consistently involved in its continued evolution by providing blockchain consulting as a service. We are uniquely knowledgeable about this complex and dynamic space, and we are well-positioned to support any blockchain initiative you may be considering.

Blockchain Consulting

Leverage our experts to apply our unique method to ensure that the technology solution matches up with the business goals, and that the ROI and trade-offs are fully considered.

Early-Stage Blockchain Assessment

Helping assess the viability and benefits of early-stage blockchain business opportunities, and providing guidance through the development and QA process

Blockchain Professional Services

Developing Dapps or prototypes, including UX and integrations, and testing/QA for deployment

PE Blockchain Incubator

Have an innovative blockchain solution and interested in sweat equity? Leverage PE’s broad company resources, experienced technologists and industry knowledge to bring promising projects to full potential