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Technology Strategy

Transform your healthcare technology ideas into reality with an actionable implementation plan.


Solid strategy powers resilience and agility in healthcare

We offer technology strategy consulting services tailored for healthcare organizations. These services help you stay ahead of innovation and create modern, resilient solutions that scale with evolving needs.

Partner with us to craft a strategy that ensures the successful execution of your healthcare digital initiatives.

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what we do

Handcrafted plans that connect the dots

We eliminate roadblocks and plan pathways to achieve healthcare business goals using proven methodologies and state-of-the-art technology. Our expert consultants begin by evaluating your current systems and identifying opportunities to support your digital healthcare goals, ensuring seamless delivery. Our maturity assessments offer clear roadmaps, technology recommendations, high-level plans, projected ROI, and detailed implementation plans.

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Maturity assessment and recommendations

Our expert strategists will thoroughly analyze your current setup using pre-defined maturity models to evaluate your healthcare organization's level of sophistication across core areas.

Based on the results of this assessment, we'll give you tailored recommendations for investing in people, processes, and technology, ensuring that you feel confident about moving forward.
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Solution architecture and detailed blueprints

To help you successfully implement your digital transformation, our team will create a comprehensive end-state solution architecture, including a detailed blueprint.

This blueprint provides your delivery teams with a clear roadmap for executing the vision, ensuring that all required components are in place to support your healthcare journey.
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Investment plan and ROI

We’ll work with you to identify initial investment needs and conduct a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis, comparing your current and future run-rate costs.

This analysis will help determine the expected ROI, enabling you to build a compelling business case for your healthcare transformation.
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Roadmap and iteration plan

Our team will develop a comprehensive execution plan, addressing gaps in your organization’s maturity and end-state architecture. This plan will outline the specific iterations required to deliver value, providing a clear roadmap for successful execution in the healthcare sector.

We will also provide detailed information on the steps required to complete each iteration, ensuring you have the insights to make informed decisions.
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IT operating model

Our team will recommend an optimized IT operating model tailored for healthcare organizations to ensure that your transformation is sustainable and scalable. This model will include a skills matrix to help determine the skills and capabilities required to support your new initiatives.

Our recommendations will consider your organization's unique needs and are designed to help you successfully scale and sustain your healthcare technology strategy.

Featured Accelerator

Digital product accelerator

Build a prioritized roadmap of digital initiatives based on desired business outcomes and organizational alignment. Prepare an optimized operating model with knowledge of gaps and enablers across people, process, and technology.

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