Technology Strategy

Bridging digital ambitions with technology execution

The current pace of technology innovation isn’t going to slow down. However, investments in legacy technology can often impede your business from rapidly achieving digitization. Therefore, developing a strong technology strategy is imperative to ensuring the successful execution of your digital initiatives.


What is a Technology Strategy

A technology strategy service expands on your digital ambitions by specifying the scope of your technology foundation and all the execution details needed to connect your digital strategy with successful delivery.

We base our technology strategy consulting services on modern approaches, state-of-the-art technology, and precise execution by industry experts.

Creating a technology strategy starts with assessing the current state of your systems and how they pair up with your digital strategy ambitions. Our maturity assessments provide clear roadmaps, technology selection assistance, high-level architecture, ROI, and detailed iteration plans.

We designed our digital technology strategy accelerators to work across various industries, including healthcare, insurance, and retail. The ultimate goal is to create modern and resilient technology solutions that scale as your business grows.
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Technology Strategy That Connects the Dots

Productive Edge comprises industry leaders capable of elevating you to success. Our proven methods connect you with the best technology strategies in order to achieve your goals. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your technology strategy connects to your digital ambitions and takes the guesswork out of what delivery teams need to do to execute and deliver desired business outcomes

Technology Strategy
Case Study

Learn how P/E enabled employee analytics with a modern data platform for one of the largest national health insurers
Bridging digital strategy with delivery, our technology strategy services accelerate our clients’ strategic initiatives with technology strategies tailored to their industry and function.

Technology Led Strategy

We consider your business goals, representative use cases, and digital initiatives as input into our technology strategy assessment and recommendations

Maturity Assessment and Recommendations

We assess your maturity using pre-defined maturity models across core technology areas and provide recommendations for investments in people, process, and technology

Solution Architecture & Detailed Technology Blueprint

We build end-state solution architecture and detailed technology blueprints required for delivery teams to execute from

Investment Plan & ROI

We identify initial investment needs and conduct TCO analysis comparing the current and future run-rate costs to arrive at an ROI you can use to build a business case

Roadmap & Iteration Plan

We take gaps in maturity and end-state architecture into consideration to define a technology execution plan along with details on specific iterations needed to successfully deliver iterative value

IT Operating Model

We recommend an optimized IT operating model along with a skills matrix that accommodates a new way of work to scale and sustain your technology-led transformation


Applying technology at the speed of innovation has become a strategic priority for every business across all industries in order to meet growing consumer expectations.


Integrated care delivery and consumer healthcare experience are driving payers and providers to focus on data interoperability, consumer analytics, automation, exchange of actionable insights and intelligent next best actions at the time of care.


Technology is already disrupting the insurance industry. Modern data platforms, machine learning, intelligent automation, APIs and content management are driving the shift in the way the insurance industry approaches its business and customers.


From brick and mortar to e-commerce to augmented reality and 3D, Productive Edge explores every avenue where technology is a turning point for the retail industry. Discover what’s trending and why it is necessary for your success.
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