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Elevating the Critical Importance of the Digital Transformation Customer Experience

Aligning people and processes within organizations, as well as applying empathy research, helps us to understand what our customers really want. Together, we explore their needs, behaviors, motivations, and values to build products and services that people love.
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Productive Edge Knows Customer Experience Trends

Building award-winning customer experiences is what we do. We work to identify the experience you wish to create and then take it to the next level. Our passion is in the power of digital to elevate people's lives and enhance their everyday interactions.

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We develop unforgettable experiences that dazzle your customers while assisting your organization to both deepen and broaden its market share.

Our Values

We’ve created a unique blend of methods to speed up customer-centric execution. From design thinking and agile development to lean start-up ideologies, we help you enhance your customer experience.
We envision and shape customer-centric futures using a proven toolkit of design and research methodologies to create differentiated customer experiences and strong customer relationships.


Using the methodologies of customer-focused research, we are able to understand what your customer's journey is; what their behaviors, motivations, needs, and environmental contexts are; and how that relates to your organization and the individual disciplines that exist within it.


We institute a series of methods that cultivate ideas on how to solve any issues identified in both our customer and organizational research, providing more cohesive processes that align with customer needs, goals, behaviors, and values. We then work with key stakeholders to prioritize these ideas relative to the value provided to the organization and its customers while also considering the technological feasibility.

Roadmapping & Piloting

With the prioritized list of solutions created in the Ideation Phase, we then create a plan to make these solutions a reality.


Each industry vertical has its unique nuances. Industry expertise is critical to ensuring you meet your customer where they are and you take advantage of those precious moments of influence.


Integrated care delivery and consumer healthcare experience are driving payers and providers to focus on data interoperability, consumer analytics, automation, exchange of actionable insights and intelligent next best actions at the time of care.


Technology is already disrupting the insurance industry. Modern data platforms, machine learning, intelligent automation, APIs and content management are driving the shift in the way the insurance industry approaches its business and customers.


From brick and mortar to e-commerce to augmented reality and 3D, Productive Edge explores every avenue where technology is a turning point for the retail industry. Discover what’s trending and why it is necessary for your success.