Personalized Customer Engagement

Personalization is the modern consumer's expectation

Leverage a unified customer profile and customer insights to create customized experiences

Target customers at vital conversion points, upsell, and keep them engaged with automated messaging. Guide customers through the conversion journey and establish a closer relationship between them and your brand—we’ve implemented marketing automation and personalization solutions for companies at every maturity level.

Learn how to make multichannel personalization real for your business:
We’ve put together a customer experience personalization resource page full of insightful eBooks, articles, whitepapers, videos, and more that cover multichannel personalization from end to end.

Customer Experience

Research is a key part of personalized customer engagement. Understanding your customer enables you to market to them. The researchers, digital strategists, and designers of P/E’s CX team take a customer-centered approach to personalized experiences. We’ll align the organization on CX and engagement goals and understand how these will be manifested through each touchpoint.
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Data and AI

Leveraging customer data, AI, and automation, we’ll implement the right tools and architecture to generate campaigns and next best actions that lead to personalized engagement. Unified data across the enterprise means you’ll be able to segment customers effectively and convert data streams into insights and Next Best Actions integrated within enterprise applications and experiences. P/E’s experts will set you up to use first, third, and zero-party data effectively.
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Marketing Technology

Choose the right platform for your business needs and integrate with tools across the customer journey. Email marketing campaigns, in-app notifications, web pages, SMS, and more—reach customers where they are with personalized content. Use actionable insights throughout your marketing, operations, digital products, transactions, and across digital ecosystems.
A customer enjoying a personalized experience

Enabling Personalized Customer Engagement in Digital Marketing

You want to connect with your customers and provide them with tailored experiences. We’ll enable this through automated campaign generation, behavioral triggers, segmentation, and a robust customer data strategy. Track customer actions like app, social, and website interactions; purchases; and customer service conversations and use it to automatically create one-on-one personalized messaging.

Productive Edge will work with you to enable automated, personalized customer engagement.

Gain a more thorough understanding of your customers and create meaningful connections with them to enhance brand loyalty and increase conversion opportunities. We’ll work together to tailor a growth-oriented approach to personalized customer engagement.

Personalized Customer Engagement