PE Digital and Technology

Like many around the world, we at Productive Edge have been thinking about how we can all eventually begin a safe and responsible transition from mitigation of COVID19 to reintegration of our society and reactivation of our economy.


Using Technology to Reduce the Risk Associated with Population Re-integration

As signs of light begin to emerge in our battle against this common enemy, we are sharing a technology concept that we believe could play a valuable role in that process. As we hit the downslope of the curve, there will be a mounting need to begin lifting restrictions. As this occurs, we will require a solution that allows us to safely begin to reintegrate while reducing the risk of further infections. Risk visibility and management will be paramount to safely re-connect businesses with consumers, public services with recipients, social groups, and more.

We are acutely aware that overcoming adversity of this magnitude will require participation from state and local governments, social scientists, community leaders, private institutions, technologists, and the continued sacrifices of many others. Our goal is to collaborate, contribute, and openly share our work with others who are working hard to bring real solutions to the table.

Please connect with us if you or others you know are working toward a solution. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on this shared cause.

Responding to the Coronavirus Global Health Crisis