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VR is Changing the Business Landscape

From testing new surgical techniques without touching a human body, to creating more immersive gaming experiences than ever before, Virtual Reality is no longer a "virtual" reality for businesses - it's the immediate future. Productive Edge Labs is helping clients leverage this technology to discover what’s next and stay miles ahead of the competition.

PE VR Studios

Productive Edge's in-house VR studio is a team of industry-leading artists, modelers, and animators with a portfolio ranging from triple-A Hollywood films to big-budget video games and animated TV advertisements.

Our talented VR Studio team allows us to handle the entire production of your VR or AR solution, and gives us the range of skills to build your entire solution without having to bring in outside animators or artists. Our team's artistic expertise combined with our technical and Virtual Experience Design expertise is a recipe for truly disruptive Virtual Reality experiences that redefine what's possible for brands.

PE Virtual Reality Studios

Virtual Experience Design

Virtual Reality, in all its forms, is playing an increasingly vital role in the customer experience. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality experiences are no longer restricted to theme parks, IMAX, or video games. VR is becoming a part of our daily lives - transforming in-store shopping experiences, medical treatments and even our approach to education.

VR UX is a paradigm that's being invented right now, and our VR Labs team is at the forefront of defining it. As with mobile and web applications, user experience is the primary factor in the success of a Virtual Reality application - except the rules are completely different. What was once about swiping and tapping is now about perceiving with all of the human senses. VR is about developing truly holistic and immersive customer experiences like never before.

It's vital to involve a partner with extensive hands-on experience with Virtual Experience Design when exploring the possibilities for VR. Let our team take your customer experience to the next level with cutting-edge Virtual Experience Design techniques that immerse your customers in addictive virtual experiences.

VR v. AR v. MR

Virtual Reality is the catch-all phrase used to describe a variety of solutions with varying degrees of virtual immersion, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

Virtual Reality

True VR is what most people think of when they hear 'Virtual Reality'. Using a headset such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR, you are fully immersed in a virtual experience that replaces the real world around you. Depending on the platform, you might be sitting, standing, or walking around in your own virtual world.

Augmented Reality

Unlike VR, Augmented Reality does not replace the world around you; instead, virtual objects are overlaid on top of the real world, complementing and 'augmenting' them. Augmented reality is flexible enough to be available on many platforms, including almost every modern smartphone.

Mixed Reality

Using a platform such as the Microsoft HoloLens, Mixed Reality takes AR one step further. Virtual objects are layered on top of the real world, and then, using powerful cameras and image recognition systems, those objects can detect and interact with the real world. Walls, floors, furniture and human beings are all recognized and 'mixed' with the virtual world, allowing you to interact with both simultaneously.

Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft HoloLens is a new type of mixed-reality (MR) wearable headset. It is not an accessory or a peripheral, but a completely stand-alone device. Unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) headset displays, HoloLens does not need to be connected either wired or wirelessly to any external computer or other device or network in order to fully function as intended.

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Experience Mixed Reality your self

Experience Mixed Reality Yourself

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Experience Mixed Reality your self

Our Virtual Reality Services

Character Modeling and Animation

Character Modeling and Animation

Environmental Modeling

Environmental Modeling

Spatial Audio Creation

Spatial Audio Creation

Live 360ºVR Broadcasting

Live 360ºVR Broadcasting

Plated & Panoramic 360ºVR Capture

Plated & Panoramic 360ºVR Capture

3D Model Procurement

3D Model Procurement

Open Source Investigation

Open Source Investigation

4D Experiences

4D Experiences

3D Lighting Effects

3D Lighting Effects

Productive Edge Labs

Capitalize on Digital Disruption with Productive Edge R&DaaS

Marketing Monitoring & ROI Analysis

Opportunity and Threat Identification

Rapid Prototyping

Our Approach

Find out what in VR can do for your company

Applicability Assessment

Once we understand your goals, our VR team goes to the drawing board to identify the most relevant technologies. We conduct competitive intelligence to see what others in the space are doing and discover the unique ways VR can enhance your products and services or streamline internal processes. history and more.

POC Development

Once we've aligned on the solutions that are most viable, we take them on a test run. Our team rapidly develops POCs of your VR solution, thoroughly tests and iterates over them until we've developed a product that achieves your goals and exceeds expectations. Our rapid test-and-touch approach has produced some of the most revolutionary solutions on the market today.

Full-scale Implementation

After your product has been battle-tested, tweaked and perfected, our full-stack team of developers, designers and business analysts can complete the full-scale implementation of your solution. We can even provide ongoing support with a dedicated managed services team.

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