Xamarin Elite Chicago Development Partner
Chicago Xamarin Development Elite partners (1 of 12) recognized by Microsoft for strategy and implementation

Build native mobile applications more efficiently by reaping the time and cost savings of Xamarin. Delivering the same high performance and design as native, in up to half the time.

Recognition & Awards

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Our Xamarin Expertise

  • 1 of only 12 Xamarin Elite Partners
  • Certified Xamarin Training Partner
  • Big Data management with Azure for Xamarin
  • Xamarin Test Cloud mobile testing expertise
  • Dedicated Xamarin mobile support
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Droid
  • Xamarin.iOS
  • Chicago Xamarin Development
Our Award-Winning Team

  • Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner
  • Global team of Enterprise Mobility experts – there's no question we can't answer, and no problem we can't solve
  • Full-lifecycle software development capabilities – from digital transformation strategy, to design, development and maintenance of your device
  • Agile and metrics driven development methodology – transparency at every step in the development process
  • Trusted strategic partner of a variety of enterprise organizations
Our Xamarin Work
Reimagining the active lifestyle with digital health monitoring
Enhancing training and feedback for medical sales representatives
Connecting and simplifying retail operations and task management

Productive Edge has led the way in getting their team properly trained as well as pushing the boundaries of new technologies. Of all the Microsoft partners I have worked with. I feel extremely confident recommending Productive Edge to any customer looking to digitally transform their business. They have the right technology, the right talent, and especially the right people.

Our Xamarin Expertise
Leverage our team to help build native UIs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single, shared C# codebase
Create native iOS applications using the same UI controls that are available in Objective-C and Xcode, except with the flexibility and elegance of a modern language (C#), the power of the .NET Base Class Library (BCL), and two first-class IDEs - Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio
Leverage our team to create Android applications by exposeing the complete Android SDK for .NET developers
Xamarin Test Cloud
Implementing automated test scripts to ensure applications properly function across all mobile devices
Xamarin Training
Certified training partner to help guide our partners on Xamarin technology best practices and coding standards
Xamarin Performance Optimization
Guiding partners to optimize their Xamarin application through in-depth code analysis, recommendations, and implementation
Our Mobile Approach

Having a native application is no longer an advantage, it’s essential, however, native applications are only as effective as their development and management strategies. As experts in both traditional native and cross-platform native through Xamarin, our team is uniquely positioned to help identify and address roadblocks to ensure your mobile strategy aligns to the expectations of your consumers.

Find alignment of technology tools & features to drive more effective experiences, architectural alignment to ensure efforts and plans align to current and future business goals, and updated process workflows that reduce overhead, expenses and time delays

Modern Mobility
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