Cloud Engineering Services And Solutions

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced Cloud Engineering


Empowering Healthcare with Advanced Cloud Engineering Solutions

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, leveraging cloud technology is essential for improving operational efficiency, enhancing patient care, and driving innovation. At Productive Edge, our Cloud Engineering Services and Solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers and payers. Utilizing cutting-edge cloud technologies, we help healthcare organizations transform operations, ensure data security, and achieve scalable growth.

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Strategic Partners

Comprehensive Cloud Strategy and Roadmapping Services

Maximizing the benefits of cloud technology for your business

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap
Our work encompasses the entire strategy and roadmapping process: business and IT operating model review, technology landscape review, migration strategy, and roadmapping.
IT Transformation to Cloud
We review your existing IT operating model and help you map it to a cloud-optimized model that allows you to embrace rapid innovation practices like cloud management, optimized OpEx planning, and analytics.
Cloud Solution Architecture and Application Modernization
This includes enterprise and application strategy and roadmapping, rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding, and replacement or decommissioning.
Cloud Migration for SaaS
We offer cloud native custom application development for software-as-a-service solutions that are built for cloud based performance, reliability, and scalability.
DevOps Strategy
Our expertise spans the technology architecture and processes needed to adopt automation, serverless architecture, containerization, test automation, DevSecOps, and more.

P/E Accelerator

Cloud Migration and App Modernizaton

Build a cloud migration and app modernization strategy in 6-8 weeks

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