Combining innovative blockchain technology with deep industry expertise

Blockchain is one of the hot-button topics in emerging tech, but not all companies have been involved since its inception. Our team was early activists in the blockchain community and remain actively involved in its continued evolution. Our team is uniquely knowledgeable about this complex and dynamic space, and we are well-positioned to support any blockchain initiative you might be considering.

Our Blockchain Expertise

  • Early activists since blockchain(& Ethereum) inception
  • Unique collaboration strategy to understand problems and desired outcomes
  • Seasoned developers with extensive tech knowledge
  • In-house Blockchain Incubator to provide awareness & funding for clients
Industry Focus

  • Finance & Banking
  • Retail & Operations
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Entertainment

Productive Edge has led the way in getting their team properly trained as well as pushing the boundaries of new technologies. Of all the Microsoft partners I have worked with. I feel extremely confident recommending Productive Edge to any customer looking to digitally transform their business. They have the right technology, the right talent, and especially the right people.

Blockchain Expertise
Blockchain consulting
Unique method that ensures tech solution matches up with end goal (ROI and trade-offs)
Blockchain Solution Implementation
Development of application or prototype, including UX and integrations, and test/QA for deployment
Blockchain Incubators
Usage of broad resources, experienced developers and industry knowledge to bring projects to full potential
Early-Stage Blockchain Initiatives
Identification of promising early-stage blockchain and guidance through development and QA process
Industry-Specific Experience
Comprehensive knowledge in the financial, healthcare, retail, and entertainment industries
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