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Intranets are no longer just a document management repository, but rather, they have evolved into a single-source platform to bring knowledge, documents, collaboration, and most importantly, people, together. Intranets are the backbone of an organization, a one-stop shop for users to get the information they need to be effective in their role.

Our Service Offerings
Intranet Strategy & Roadmap Prioritization

Engage our team to help your organization understand best practices and recommendations to develop or enhance corporate Intranet platforms.

This engagement consists of:
  • Presentation around Intranet tools & best practices
  • Analysis and recommendations of existing Intranet (if applicable)
  • Intranet roadmap prioritization & recommendations
  • UX Analysis and Recommendations
UX Intranet Strategy

Our team will collaborate with your marketing and IT team to distinguish areas of opportunity to develop, evolve, and more effectively manage Intranet solutions. Strategy offering includes analysis of existing workflow and content presentation, review of site analytics to confirm workflow assumptions, company interviews with executive stakeholders and employees, and guided UX sessions to map proposed journeys (per role).

This engagement consists of:
  • Increased visibility into employee behaviors & actions to drive communication strategy
  • Demonstration of creating AI models using Automated Machine Learning tools
  • Tailored experience workflows that reduce overhead, expenses, and time constraints
  • Executive leadership alignment
UX Intranet Design Strategy

Our UX team will guide your team on Intranet design best practices and collaborate to create a highly intuitive & dynamic design journey based on each user type.

This engagement consists of:
  • Confirmation of user experience through thorough UX strategy & testing
  • Alignment of content strategy procedure to ensure proper experience
  • Better understanding of audience and their preferences
Intranet Technology Assessment

Our team will help assess your current technology landscape (tools and how they are used) and help curate a proposed-state architectural plan to best enhance and grow your Intranet platform

This engagement consists of:
  • Alignment of technology tools & features to drive more effective experiences
  • Architectural alignment to ensure efforts and plans align to current and future business goals
  • Updated process workflows that reduce overhead, expenses, and time delays
Intranet Design & Development

Our team has extensive experience creating enterprise Intranet (and Extranet) platforms. We offer end-to-end services from strategy, UX, development, management, and support. Our experience includes the delivery of custom portals as well as solutions developed on leading management platforms including Sitecore, Magnolia, and Liferay.

This engagement consists of:
  • Deep expertise in enterprise Intranet development (.NET & Java)
  • Strong integration experience with external tools (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of communication workflows & role delegation for enterprise organizations
  • Expertise in secure document management workflows (HIPAA/PHI certified)
  • Longstanding relationships with active clients providing ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and support of Intranet platforms
Technology Strategy

Our team ensures your technology landscape (tools /workflows) are aligned with business objectives and goals. This process map ties directly into the UX strategy to ensure technology features and workflows are in place to meet these intended experiences.

This engagement consists of:
  • Alignment of technology tools & features to drive more effective experiences
  • Architectural alignment to ensure efforts and plans align to current and future business goals
  • Updated process workflows that reduce overhead, expenses, and time delays

Companies continue to struggle to effectively communicate the right information to their employees, at the right time. This causes disjointed experiences and employees abandoning communication portals to find information elsewhere (in a non-timely fashion).

Intranet platforms are no longer just content repositories, they now are able to provide highly targeted experiences to each employee. Companies need to change their employee strategy and focus on delivering personalized, targeted content.

HR & IT departments struggle to collaborate on how to best leverage an Intranet. This division of power is a major concern as employee & consumer expectations increase. The inability to properly communicate to targeted audiences greatly reduces productivity, moral, and revenue opportunity.

Companies need to ensure proper user experience/workflows are in place and continually analyzed to drive increased usability and awareness.
Division of power needs to be established to ensure timely delivery of content to employees. IT needs to remove barriers and allow marketing and HR to run key aspects of their experience platform.

HR and marketing are unaware of technology solutions that can help increase communication and awareness within their organization.

Companies need to continually learn from employee behaviors. Every interaction is reshaping future experiences to make them more personalized and accurate for the user. Analytical tools and personalization metrics need to be introduced to properly communicate with audiences.

Our Work

Over the past few years, the legal industry has gone through a dynamic transformation to better equip their legal staff with the right information so they can more effectively communicate with clients.

We leveraged Sitecore DXP to power an intranet for a legal organization, which provides personalized experiences to thousands of attorneys across the US. We developed the Intranet to easily allow marketing resources to quickly and securely send sensitive data and material to groups within the organization.

Optimizing communication and collaboration in the legal industry
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