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Intranet Strategy

Intranet Strategy

When Intranets address employee needs, they are powerful efficiency tools that can have a significant impact on your bottom line. However, identifying employee needs and designing an intranet solution that intuitively addresses them is no small undertaking. Having a partner with experience developing enterprise Intranets is crucial to the success of your Intranet solution.

It's imperative to strategize prior to development to align on key metrics and goals. Our strategic business process is designed to understand your organization's structure and processes in order to create personalized Intranet solutions that increase employee efficiency and productivity.

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Find the Right Platform

Find the Right Platform

Having experience with a variety of Intranet platforms - including developing them entirely from scratch - means our team can walk you through all the options available to you and help you determine the right platform for your organization's needs. We have designed and developed custom solutions from the ground up as well as used enterprise solutions such as Sitecore and Sharepoint.

Find the Right Platform. Sitecore.
Find the Right Platform. Sharepoint.
Find the Right Platform. Sitecore.
Optimize Search Results

Optimize Search Results

Intranet search is, by far, one of the most important components of a successful Intranet solution. Simply put, if employees can't find the information they're looking for, they will not use the platform. Finding information on an Intranet needs to be a simple, intuitive process allowing employees to find the right information whenever they need it. Our team has expertise in multiple enterprise search solutions including: Elastic Search, Google Search Appliance, Lucene, Coveo and SOLR. Each search solution needs to be tailored to your employees' needs. Have our team help you customize your search solution.

Search Development Expertise:

  • Suggestive Query Results
  • Permission based results
  • Recommended Results (top performing)
  • Search Filtering
  • Search Categories
  • Recently Searched Results

Document Management Workflow

Creating an organized permissions-driven workflow is critical to ensure your employees see the right information. Our team will migrate existing content into your platform and create a workflow authoring plan to easily manage content across all roles in your organization. Workflows include publishing permissions, role assignment and automated, date-driven releases.

Personalized and Dynamic Dashboards

Personalized and Dynamic Dashboards

Your organization is filled with a variety of roles, each with its own unique set of requirements. It's important that the information relevant to each employee in your company is readily available to them. Moreover, we understand specific content is reserved for specific roles, so we develop Intranet solutions with personalization in mind. We'll work with your team to create dynamic rules to showcase specific aspects of the Intranet to different users. We also create dynamic dashboards allowing employees to customize their dashboard based on their preferences. Putting the right information in front of your employees will drive adoption of your Intranet solution, which is imperative for its ultimate success.

External Integrations

External Integrations

Most enterprise organizations have a suite of tools that provide metrics to power their business. We have integrated with a variety of external applications to pull data into Intranets so employees can view all information in one main portal. Our team is well versed integrating and creating custom APIs to connect software solutions.

External Tool Experience:

  • CRM Integration
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Employee Directory
  • Payroll / Financial Tools
  • Enterprise HR Tools


Intranets contain information only meant for employees. We make sure it stays that way. We take the required steps to develop highly scalable and secure platforms for organizations. Our team is HIPAA certified and has implemented a variety of highly secure application with confidential information.

  • Secure Member Login
  • PHI Compliancy
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Certified

Enterprise Analytics

Understanding your employees interactions with your Intranet will drive future decisions to maintain and improve your Intranet solution. From page views to documents being downloaded, we put all the information in front of your marketing team so they can make informed decisions about future changes. Analytics are configured based on the business objectives around which the intranet is designed. We work with a variety of tools such at Optimizely, Optimist and Google Analytics. Our team will get you setup, help you continually monitor trends and make recommendations to improve your Intranet platform over time.


Your employees are busy. Don't limit their ability to get information on the go. Our mobility team will mobilize your Intranet solution for use on mobile and tablet devices across any platform - iOS, Android, Windows and more. We can even save up to 50% of the time of traditional native mobile development using Xamarin.Forms.

Using metrics derived from user feedback and a thorough understanding of your strategic business objectives, we'll determine what users want on mobile and tailor the experience. Our team can get your organization enabled with custom responsive mobile designs as well as develop native applications.

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UX Design

UX Design

Creating the right user experience is one of the most important aspects to your Intranet. Everything from page layout to colors to overall workflow needs to be considered to make the experience memorable and streamlined for employees. Our UX team will guide your team to ensure your employees are set up for success.

UX Services:

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics Review
  • Personal Development
  • Stakeholder/ Employee Interviews
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