Modern Data and Analytics Strategy Accelerator

5-Weeks: Advanced data and analytics foundation definition
Outline of particular architecture

Modern Data and Analytics Strategy Accelerator Overview

Organizations embarking on customer-centric and transformative journeys realize that the key inhibitor for meeting digital ambition is the lack of a modern data foundation. A data foundation that is flexible, available to all, elastic, and can evolve. Facing the challenge of transitioning to a modern data environment, clients struggle to define a comprehensive execution-ready architecture and roadmap. This is where P/E's Modern Data Accelerator comes in.
Through a tightly scoped fixed-cost 5-week engagement, Productive Edge works with your team through a series of short workshops to understand future ambitions, assess current technology, and define desired maturity across people, processes, and technology. The workshops focus on:

Define Digital Ambitions and Desired Outcomes

  • Understanding and documenting key analytics and AI use cases
  • Discussing internal data source integration, access, and systems
  • Identifying master data needs and target maturity
  • Defining physical data lake components to be used, system and versioning considerations, design and architecture to support the overall approach
  • Assessing users, user access needs, roles, and entitlements
  • Pinpointing target DataOps process, roles, and responsibilities

P/E will produce a key findings document through the workshops and deliver the following recommendations and artifacts:

  • Business goals and representative use cases
  • Data analytics strategy for key data sources aligned with priority along with example data pipeline
  • Master data scope definition
  • Target modern data analytics architecture for ingesting raw data, rules around data cleansing, data curation, managing gold data, and querying through data virtualization and other querying methods
  • An iterative data governance scope and roadmap
  • Physical data lake design and architecture to adopt modern data architecture principles
  • User access, user access needs, roles, and entitlements
  • DataOps process, roles, and responsibilities
  • Overall roadmap and suggested timeline
  • Recommendations and architecture blueprint

Engagement Results

The modern data and analytics accelerator results in a recommended execution-focused data and analytics blueprint that provides the people, process, and technology definition and roadmap required to build and sustain the modern data foundations that will power your digital strategy.
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How to get started:

Do you have a legacy data warehouse or legacy data governance or data engineering processes that are inhibiting your digital transformation goals? Reach out to learn more about how the Modern Data Platform and Analytics Accelerator can help your organization.
Modern Data and Analytics Strategy Accelerator