Cloud Migration and App Modernization Accelerator

6 to 8 Weeks: Build a cloud migration and app modernization strategy
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Accelerator Overview

For companies undergoing transformation at various levels, adopting cloud is imperative and no longer just a nice to have.

IT leaders tasked to support transformation and digital initiatives are saddled with legacy apps and technical debt and are unable to innovate quickly enough because of older technology. But, IT leaders need to deliver a business case for cloud migration and application modernization and many are not sure where and how to get started.
P/E’s cloud migration and app modernization strategy accelerator is a 6 to 8 weeks fixed cost engagement that engages your business and IT teams and applies customized P/E tools and methodologies to a portfolio of applications that enables IT leaders to rapidly define a business value-driven migration strategy and plan through three distinct phases of work:

Conduct Initial Application Prioritization

Through pre-built customizable surveys, P/E surveys application business owners and IT architects to score the cloud migration value and business value of each application, providing the basis for the value-driven prioritization strategy

Applies a quadrant based analysis for initial prioritization to narrow down the list of applications to those that have high business value, high cloud value, and fewer outside dependencies or other technical considerations

Complete Cost-Benefit Analysis

Conduct business outcomes brainstorming with application business owners and IT architects to quantify tangible and intangible benefits from cloud migration and to understand technical dependencies

Use P/E built tools to determine TCO comparing current cost allocations to cloud subscription costs and accounting for cost avoidance and cost savings opportunities

Use P/E built tools to determine initial investment and provide initial cloud disposition recommendation for prioritized applications

Conduct ROI calculation and break-even point, a key consideration point for sequencing of applications within the roadmap waves

Compile Migration Roadmap

Create a roadmap based on waves of investment that take business value, TCO analysis, ROI, dependencies, and initial investment costs into consideration

Engagement Results

Depending on the number of applications in your portfolio, P/E will deliver a full cloud migration and app modernization strategy and roadmap in just 6 to 8 weeks.

P/E accelerates your cloud journey by delivering an actionable, business-value driven cloud migration and application modernization roadmap and plan with the cost-benefit analysis and value quantification for each app

The Importance of Application Modernization Services and Cloud Migration

The goal of every business should be to stay up-to-date with the latest technology because it will help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Cloud migration services help move all of your existing assets and legacy systems to the cloud. This has a variety of benefits even beyond enhanced security and we use only the latest and greatest cloud migration process to do this. Through the use of cloud managed services you’re able to better serve your customers and provide a more efficient working environment for your team.

The Benefits of Application Modernization and the Cloud Migration Accelerator

Through our three step process we’re able to provide the following benefits:

A More Agile Business - Speed is king in today's rapid paced digital world. Through app modernization services we’re able to make changes faster, enhance the speed at which your business is capable of processing data, and ultimately allow you to respond faster to the market.

A More Stable Business - With an ever changing world around us, you’re faced with a lot of challenges. The right technology helps you tackle whatever the digital environment throws your way.

A More Engaged Business - Engagement is really the benefactor of updated technology. When everyone understands the technology and knows how to use it to their advantage, they’re able to be more productive, creative, and innovative. Together, your organization will be able to communicate properly to ensure that all bases are covered.

An Actionable Process

At the end of the day, application modernization services with our cloud migration tools enable your business to step into the future in only 6 to 8 weeks. The goal is to not only migrate your applications to the cloud but to provide you with a roadmap that you can follow for the next few months or even years.
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How to get started:

Do you have a portfolio of legacy apps that you know need to be modernized and migrated to the cloud, but aren’t sure where to start? Contact us today!
Cloud Migration and App Modernization Strategy Accelerator